How Workflow Automation Can Simplify Your New Hire Process

Workflow automation requires breaking a business process down into discrete steps and then automating whatever parts of the process can be automated. “Automation” typically means turning paper-based steps into electronic steps and automating the flow of completed electronic forms to their proper recipients.

Workflow automation

Automation reduces paper shuffling and ensures no steps in processes are missed.

Businesses automate workflows of every description, and there’s really no limit on what workflow automation can be applied to. Some of the more common processes automated include expense reporting, IT and maintenance requests, and the onboarding process for new hires.

The New Hire Process Must Happen in a Specific Order

When your company hires someone new, many steps must take place between the time you place an ad for the job and the day the new employee reports to work. What’s more, these steps have to happen in a certain order. For example, you wouldn’t order an ID badge for a new hire who hasn’t officially accepted employment yet. Because there are so many steps involved in the new hire process, because they have to be completed in sequence, and because no steps (like filling out a W-4 form) can be neglected, this process is ideal for workflow automation.

Creating a Workflow to Manage the New Hire Process

If you wanted to automate a workflow for the new hire process, the first thing you would need to do is break the entire process down into discrete steps and assign responsibility for each step to an appropriate staff member. Then you would use workflow automation software to convert cumbersome paper processes to electronic ones, route completed electronic forms to the right person, and automatically notify affected employees that their input is needed to keep the workflow going. Notifications when something takes longer than expected can be added too.

An Automated New Hire Workflow Reduces Errors

One of the main benefits of an automated new hire process is that it reduces errors. For example, someone in the responsibility chain can’t say, “I didn’t know I needed to do that” because the workflow can send out automated reminders to people whose input is needed. The workflow can also be made so that it cannot complete some steps until certain prerequisite steps are completed. Multiple independent steps can take place in parallel, but steps that must be done in sequence can be designed so prerequisite steps must be completed before that part of the process advances.

Automating the New Hire Workflow Reduces Need for Direct Supervision

Workflow automation

Workflows can communicate needs, reducing the incidence of frantic phone calls from supervisors.

An automated new hire workflow complete with alerts and reminders helps each employee involved in the process understand what is expected of them and when. This reduces the need to “micromanage” employees who don’t complete work in a timely manner, because workflows can be designed to notify management if a step in the process has not been completed after a certain amount of time. Plus, managers can look at workflow status at any time and see for themselves what step the process has advanced to.

Automating the New Hire Process Boosts Efficiency and Improves Communications

Business Process Automation makes processes significantly more efficient. Because workflow users have visibility into the process, there are fewer confused phone calls or emails inquiring about it. If bottlenecks in the process are identified, they can be addressed with the workflow automation software. By including relevant notifications throughout the workflow, affected employees can learn quickly when their input is required so they can get started without having to be phoned or otherwise reminded. Workflow takes care of many communication needs automatically.

A Great New Hire Process Can Help Reduce Employee Turnover

PerfectForms puts the power or automated workflows – whether for the new hire procedure or any other process – in your hands. You don’t have to know how to program to use PerfectForms, because the software has a friendly, drag-and-drop interface that allows you to create Electronic Survey Forms and workflows easily. When you automate your new hire process, it’s a better experience for everyone, from HR to the person who distributes building keys to, perhaps most importantly, the new hire him- or herself. And when the onboarding process is smooth and efficient, new employees have a more positive perception of their new employer and will be less likely to look for a new job anytime soon. We invite you to contact us at any time to learn more.

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