How Workflow Automation Software Can Improve Email Marketing

Some people may regard email marketing as outdated in the world of social media marketing, but companies use it extensively for a simple reason: it works. Email marketing can easily be used to reach mobile users since people regularly check email on their phones, and it integrates well with other marketing tactics.

Workflow automation software

Email marketing is remarkably relevant despite social and mobile receiving most of the attention.

Marketing emails can, for example, help you inform others about your latest blog or social media post, or alert someone when the deadline for an offer is near. The return on investment for email marketing can be staggering. Marketing automation firm ExactTarget reports that every dollar spent on email marketing offers a return of $44.

If you’re going to use email marketing effectively, you’ll need workflow tools to automate parts of the email marketing processes that don’t need to be done manually, saving considerable time and money.

Workflow Automation for Email Marketing

Email marketing may intrinsically be “automated,” but that’s once you have a contact list and content to send. Readers expect email marketing to be highly-personalized, while based on the content they have already viewed on a company’s website. Therefore, many companies have different email templates ready to personalize and send. Workflow automation can take the guesswork and manual work out of many of these tasks because the right workflow automation software can gather information from your web pages and make decisions based upon that information. The result is the right content reaching the right potential customer at the right time.

Welcome Workflow for New Blog Subscriber

Suppose you want to thank people who subscribe to your blog with a thank-you email and, perhaps, a special offer for a product or information they are seeking. Workflow Automation software can respond automatically whenever someone subscribes to your blog. The email can warmly welcome your new subscriber by name, remind him or her what they’ll get from reading your blog, and can offer helpful information, like how to adjust their subscription and notification settings. You may include a special offer or links to your blog’s best performing posts for their convenience.

Lead-Nurturing Workflow

Workflow automation software

Email marketing can be used to encourage prospects to move further down the sales funnel.

Suppose someone visits your company’s website and downloads several “top-of-funnel” eBooks or white papers. This indicates that they’re interested and are ready to advance further down the sales funnel.

When someone downloads a particular paper, your workflow tools can trigger a marketing email to introduce them to some of your “middle-of-funnel” content, such as a special report, case study, or free trial offer.

When leads indicate they’re close to a buying decision, your workflow automation software can trigger an internal company email to a sales rep who can reach out to the client personally.

Timing Follow-Up Emails

Workflow automation software can be set to send out follow-up marketing emails at specific intervals after a potential customer downloads an eBook, subscribes to your blog, or takes some other action on your site. You might set up a workflow to send follow-ups after one week and again after two weeks, for instance. By automating these tasks, you ensure that they’re not forgotten and avoid having people take time out of their schedules to send them. You can expect greater retention rates and a sales pipeline that flows faster than if you neglected follow-up emails or sent them too late.

PerfectForms is workflow automation software that can make your email marketing program work harder and smarter. It can take many tasks off the shoulders of your marketing team members and ensure that no steps in customer outreach are neglected.

With PerfectForms, you can Build Online Forms and workflows without programming. Moreover, you can set up workflows to take cues from web data, triggering actions like the creation and sending of welcome or follow-up emails. If you would like to see how easy it is to customize our workflow tools to your email marketing needs, we invite you to watch at some of our training videos to learn more.


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