How Workflow Automation Software Enhances Your Sales Operations

Workflow automation


The sales process has many steps, and sales professionals have to handle a variety of specific tasks on any given day. From acquiring contact information for leads to writing follow-up notes after a sales call, sales team members handle information constantly. Keeping it organized so that the sales process stays on track is critical, and many companies develop standardized processes for sales professionals to follow.

When business processes are manual and paper-intensive, however, the chance of errors increases and completing processes takes much longer than necessary. Workflow automation software with electronic forms that feed into processes can speed things up considerably, allowing sales professionals to spend more time selling and less time on paperwork. Here are some ways workflow automation software can make sales operations more efficient and productive.


By Capturing and Organizing Lead and Contact Information

When contact or lead information is entered on paper forms, there are many ways things can go wrong. For one thing, paper forms are easy to lose, and hastily written handwritten information can be difficult to decipher later – even by the person who wrote it. But when your sales professionals have a mobile app that lets them capture lead or contact information, the data is taken in once and can be reused in other forms and applications. There’s no paper to lose, and contact information can be captured in any setting on a laptop, tablet, or phone. If necessary, completed contact forms can automatically trigger other actions, like alerting appropriate department personnel of a potential new customer.


By Streamlining the Sample Ordering Process

Suppose one of your sales team members meets with a promising new lead who expresses interest in your company’s products. When you create an online sample ordering form that can be accessed by mobile devices, your salesperson can quickly submit an order for samples, and can schedule a follow-up call for once they’re received. By speeding up this process, sales reps can have better continuity of relationships with prospects and customers, minimizing the chances of competition gaining a foothold. What’s more, workflow automation software can ensure the data collected on the sample ordering form is shared with marketing for possible use in future marketing campaigns.


By Facilitating Creation and Sharing of Follow-Up Notes

After a sales call, particularly a first-time sales call, there is much to remember. Scribbling down notes on paper is inefficient and easy to put off till the end of the day. By then, however, a lot of important information may have been forgotten. Providing an online electronic form for follow-up notes encourages sales team members to record this information soon after sales calls, when memories are still fresh. These forms can be automatically routed to other people who may need the information. Writing and sharing follow-up notes on paper is cumbersome, slow, and prone to error. But Workflow Automation software makes it easy, fast, and accurate.


By Accelerating the Reporting Process

When your company creates automated workflows based on Electronic Survey Forms for your sales professionals, information is captured once and can be organized in countless ways. Data from one form can be shared with common fields on other forms automatically, so there is far less duplication of effort. Having all this data captured and organized makes it much easier for sales and management professionals to create informative reports based on accurate, up-to-date information. With powerful solutions like PerfectForms, you can provide end-to-end visibility of the entire sales process and easily create detailed reports that drive smarter sales and marketing decisions.



Sales workflows can be complex, and trying to track all the steps with manual, outdated processes slows your company down and gives competitors the opportunity to step ahead. But when you use a Workflow Management Software solution like PerfectForms, you can easily create customized electronic forms that are mobile-accessible and that work together to form efficient, streamlined workflows, saving your sales professionals valuable time. Best of all, with PerfectForms, you can do all this with drag-and-drop convenience, without ever writing code or diverting valuable IT resources to workflow development. If you’d like to know more about how PerfectForms can enhance sales operations, we invite you to contact us at any time. We would be happy to answer any of your questions.


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