How Workflow Software Can Boost Your Sales Process

Your company’s sales process is its revenue generator. Therefore, the more efficient your sales cycle, the faster revenue can come in. With a fast, efficient sales cycle, your sales professionals can focus on lead generation and closing deals without having to spend an unreasonable amount of time on administrative tasks.



Automate workflows so you can focus on the interactions that make for great sales relationships.


Some parts of the sales cycle are “high touch” and require the interaction that only a qualified sales professional can provide. Building offers into the process by cross-selling, solidifying relationships with customers, and offering customers gratitude are human-centric tasks. But many other parts of the sales process can be automated with the right workflow software.


The Sales Process Requires Taking in a Lot of Information

Money and products aren’t the only things transacted during a sale. Before and after the sale, a significant amount of information is exchanged. Customer contact information comes in, and product or service information goes out. Quotes are requested and fulfilled, and after a sale closes, customers may be asked to provide their opinion on the product or service.

All this information is valuable to promote the constant improvement of your sales process. One way you can ensure you take in all the information necessary is to create an electronic sales checklist that designates all the steps in the sales cycle and breaks them down. Once you’ve completed the sales checklist, you will at the very least know how qualified a lead is. At most you’ll have a new customer relationship to nurture.


Forms That Can Be Automated and Incorporated into Sales Workflows

Keeping all the data taken in during the sales process organized is easier if you automate forms and incorporate them into your sales workflow. A number of different types of forms can be automated using workflow software. For example, you might consider automating

• Lead forms

• Sales inquiry forms

• Customer satisfaction forms

• Customer service inquiry forms

• Product satisfaction forms

• Customer surveys

The right Form Creating Software will let you integrate your custom forms with your website and your customer relationship management solution.



Custom forms let you keep all customer and transaction data organized and available.


Integrating Forms With Salesforce

Automated Forms Workflow that can be integrated with Salesforce can streamline the sales process even more. PerfectForms offers the option of Salesforce integration that lets you easily query data, add, update, or delete data, collect metadata, and run utilities. This is a terrific way to customize Salesforce to your company’s specific needs without having to hire (or be) a programmer. PerfectForms also offers integration components for Google Spreadsheets and for analytics and enterprise management software SAP.


Electronic Workflows Ensure You Won’t Lose Critical Data

One of the most important reasons electronic workflows benefit your company is that you don’t risk losing critical data the way you do with handwritten notes and forms. In fact, you can make workflows that allow data entered once to populate multiple forms, cutting down on error rates and accelerating things even more. With the administrative parts of your sales process incorporated into a logical, electronic workflow, not only can the process proceed at its fastest pace, you’ll always have access to all critical information, even on mobile devices if you so choose.



The heart of the sales process is the building and sustaining of relationships that create value for your customer. Some parts of it require the human touch. When the administrative parts of your sales process are automated through electronic forms and workflows, your sales professionals can focus on person-to-person sales relationships.

PerfectForms is the perfect solution for automating your sales process. With PerfectForms, you create custom forms either from scratch or using an Online Form Template that come with the software. And you don’t have to program to create beautiful forms and efficient workflows, because you create them using a friendly drag-and-drop interface. Best of all, you can try PerfectForms for free. Give it a try and let your imagination roam. There’s virtually no limit to the ways you can use PerfectForms to streamline your company’s sales process.

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