How Workflow Software Makes Emails Easier

To anyone who was around before email, the humble email message is a marvel of speed and efficiency. But emails themselves can be automated – triggered by certain events no necessity for human intervention. Email automation is remarkably useful in business.

Workflow software

Emails can work a lot harder than many people think they can.

Primarily used by marketing teams to nurture leads and reestablish contact with dormant leads, automated emails can actually be used for many other processes in departments other than marketing. Workflow software is the key to automating email processes, and even if your work has nothing to do with marketing, you can make use of automation to make your work life easier and minimize mistakes. Here are some ways workflow software can make emails easier.

Marketing Emails Triggered for Customer Actions on Your Website

Whether or not your company does ecommerce, if someone is spending a lot of time exploring your website, it’s good to know. Perhaps they are looking for a vendor for the products or services you provide, or maybe they’re looking for a job in your industry. Either way, getting in touch with these people is a positive, proactive step.

With workflow software, you can automatically trigger a welcoming email to people who enter their email address on your website landing pages. If your site has multiple landing pages, you can use your workflow software to trigger an email appropriate to their inquiry. For example, someone who enters an email on a landing page to find out more about a product can be automatically sent product information, while someone entering an email on your “Careers” page can be sent an email relating to open job positions.

Automatic Emails to Acknowledge Registration for Training

Coordinating corporate training is more involved and complicated than many people think it is. Suppose you’re in charge of registering people hired within the last three months for safety training. Your safety training workflow can be set up to identify new hires and automatically send them an email requesting that they register for a safety training session. Whenever someone registers, a confirmation email can be automatically sent to the registrant, with a copy sent to you to let you know who has registered. Reminder emails can be sent out to registrants one week, and then one day before the training session so nobody forgets to attend.

Email Triggers When Certain Forms Are Completed

Workflow software

Automated emails can let employees know their forms were submitted properly.

Forms are a fact of life for businesses, but workflow software makes them better in every way: less paper and ink are required, mistakes are minimized, and audit trails can be created automatically. You can also use workflow software to automatically send out confirmation emails notifying people that their completed expense report form, travel reimbursement form, or office supply request form was successfully submitted.

Automatic confirmation emails can be used in countless work scenarios. When someone requests a truck from the transportation pool, an automatic email with details of the reservation can be sent out, or when a person signs up for the company volleyball team, a confirmation email containing the game and practice schedule can be delivered automatically, for example.

Email Triggers When an Action Hasn’t Taken Place

Sometimes people need to be notified when they haven’t done something. Suppose your engineering staff is responsible for turning in an electronic timecard by Thursday at noon. If they forget, the absence of their submitted timecard can trigger a reminder email. These reminder emails can also be turned into text message reminders if the worker has signed up for them. Or suppose someone signed up for a training session but doesn’t show up. As soon as the training leader has taken rollcall, those who are absent can be automatically notified by email that their absence was noted and they need to reschedule.

The Possibilities Are Virtually Limitless

Workflow software can be put to an amazing variety of creative uses in the workplace. Automated email messages have been a relied-upon tool of marketing professionals for years, but they can be put to work in just about any department, saving time and phone calls, getting problems rectified quickly, and creating an audit trail that could be useful later on.

PerfectForms is workflow software that’s flexible enough to tailor to each user’s needs. And the interface is intuitive, so a non-technical person can create electronic forms and workflows with no programming knowledge required. All users have to do is drag and drop elements into place on a virtual canvas. Best of all, you can try it out for free and see for yourself how many possibilities workflow software can open up in your business.

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