How Workflow Tools Help Stretch Social Services Resources

BPM software

Organizations, governmental or nonprofit, that provide community services may accomplish a broad range of actions, but almost all of them have one thing in common: limited time and money. It takes excellent organization and good money management to provide senior citizen services, big brother-big sister programs, or other community-beneficial activities and events.

Workflow Management Software may not be a priority for organizations that provide such services, but perhaps it should be. Small-budget operations can benefit disproportionately from having workflow tools that streamline processes and ensure all details are seen to every time. With workflow software, the people who provide services to the vulnerable can work more efficiently, spend less time on administrative chores, and more time serving people. Here are some examples of how.

Tracking In-Home Visits

Agencies and service providers that perform in-home visits have to keep up not only with packed schedules, but also with documentation of visits, client status, and things like vehicle mileage. This can be done on paper forms, but when it is done with workflow automation software that can be accessed on a mobile phone or tablet, there’s no paper to lose, no hurried handwriting to decipher, and completed forms are automatically routed to the correct recipient upon completion. Less administrative work must be redone, and finding records from the past is infinitely simpler.

Making Expense Reimbursement Easier

If volunteers or staff members are reimbursed for things like small purchases for clients, or mileage on their car, the reimbursement process can be streamlined significantly with the right workflow tools. The steps of recording expenses or other information on paper and manually submitting it can be replaced with online and mobile forms that are fast, accurate, and routed correctly every time. You can even set up email alerts so that when an approving authority receives a completed form, they are notified and can deal with it expediently.

Plan and Document Recreational Outings Efficiently

When a community organization plans a recreational outing, it’s more complicated than when the typical family goes out to the movies or a skating rink. Accepting sign-ups, planning transportation, creating a travel manifest, and documenting safe return can all be done using workflow automation software that creates online forms customized to the situation.

BPM software

Workflow tools make planning and documenting outings easier and more accurate.

Allowing online sign-up and registration through mobile-friendly forms lets more people skip inefficient paper forms and speed up planning. Likewise, reporting and staff requests for reimbursement can be made quickly and processed promptly.

When Time and Money are in Short Supply

When both time and money are tight commodities, organization is more important than ever. Errors are expensive in terms of time and money, and when manual processes can be replaced with automated workflows, error rates go down while efficiency goes up. Organizations that provide services to communities and their most vulnerable people can’t afford clunky, manual processes, or the time it takes to track down and correct errors within manual workflows. Therefore, it makes sense that these organizations consider workflow automation software as an investment that can pay off both short term and long term.

PerfectForms is workflow automation software that is flexible enough to have been used by large enterprises, small start-ups, government entities, and nonprofit organizations of all sizes. It allows workflow users to design and implement online workflows without having to know how to write programming code.

Forms and workflows can be developed and customized from the included Online Form Templates or made from scratch. Either way, users can create custom, pixel-perfect, mobile friendly electronic forms and workflows, so nothing slips through the cracks, and no resources are wasted. We encourage you to read over some of our case studies to see how PerfectForms empowers organizations of all kinds to maximize productivity and efficiency while holding down costs and reducing error rates drastically.


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