Does your HR department need a helping hand?

The business climate for the past several years has been challenging, to say the least. In an effort to control costs, many companies have stripped staff to the bone. The problem is, employees are the most vital business asset in any organization, and effectively managing employees should be a top priority in these complex times.


Human resource professionals are particularly under the gun. They’re the ones responsible for putting in place the systems and processes needed to keep current employees happy while recruiting and retaining the talent that is crucial to every business’ success and future growth. It takes a combination of thought leadership and execution on behalf of HR personnel to bolster retention while strengthening recruitment, so it’s time to consider providing the tools to make their daily tasks more manageable.
Automate to Empower
There are options available to help improve the efficiency of your HR department. Automation allows HR to standardize certain critical processes, facilitating a shift of focus toward mission-critical tasks like business development strategy and employee development and retention.


HR applications and workflow automation solutions can be customized to handle tasks like:


• Employee applications and feedback

• Performance evaluations

• Recruitment

• Time and attendance tracking

• Vacation requests


Key Features to Look For


Automating these tasks can reduce data entry errors, streamline operations, eliminate redundancy and make the process more transparent to other staff members. As we all strive to become more sustainable in our day-to-day business practices, automation can reduce or even eliminate the need for a paper trail. This makes communication easier and will contribute toward improving employee satisfaction, which will enhance retention and keep the business growing.


Each business has its own specific HR needs and customization is crucial to a successful automation process. It’s important to integrate existing data and practices into any solution.  Reporting is also crucial to any HR effort. Quick analysis of data can help management steer the proverbial ship when it comes time to add employees and fuel growth.


As companies continue to ask more from their HR employees, utilizing workflow solutions is the most efficient way to streamline repetitive tasks and improve office workflows. Automating your HR tasks using PerfectForms means allowing a customizable solution to fully integrate and automate employee lifecycle management. If your goal is to improve HR’s workflow, consider PerfectForms.






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