Improve Your Event Planning Business with Automated Workflows

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, event planners are expected to become more in-demand from now at least through the year 2024. In fact, employment growth in this sector shows projected growth of 10%, which is faster than average. Because event planners must coordinate countless aspects of professional meetings and other major events, like weddings, they have to be exceptionally organized and energetic to make sure everything is done correctly and on time.

Online forms

Expectations continue to rise for professionals in the event planning business.

But weddings are about cakes and flowers, not boring online event planning forms, right? Don’t be fooled. In order for everything to look perfect and effortless, countless dominoes have to fall in the correct order, and forgotten steps can be disastrous. Online forms and workflows can be the guide rails that keep an event on track from inception through conclusion. Many people don’t realize how easy it can be to create forms uniquely suited to the job or event.

Automated Workflows Ensure No Steps Are Missed

Think about normal business processes, like coordinating payroll. Numerous steps must happen in order, and there’s no room for error. Automated workflows based on online forms are used by many organizations to ensure that everything happens as it should, in a timely manner. Likewise, the savvy event planner can use online forms to create workflows specific to the business convention, wedding, or retirement party that’s in the works to ensure that no steps are omitted. One of the best things about online workflows is that they can be set up precisely to ensure that you cannot proceed to the next step if prerequisite conditions aren’t met. Hence, you won’t arrive at the venue only to realize the florist hasn’t been paid yet.

Mobile-Friendly Workflows Keep Everyone in Sync

Event planners and their staffs don’t spend their time sitting behind a desk. In fact, they’re constantly on the move, and this means that online workflows must be mobile-friendly to keep all members of the event planning team in sync at all times. With mobile-friendly workflows, the parking attendant can check to see if the limo has left to pick up the bride, and the head server can find out that photographs are taking longer than expected, so it’s not quite time to uncork the champagne. The instant visibility and transparency of online workflows are their best features. At any moment, any authorized user can check to see the status of a workflow, so everyone is informed and ready to go at precisely the right moment.

Meticulous Attention to Detail Necessary on Every Job

online forms

Online forms may not be glamorous, but they can ensure all details are taken care of.

Another great thing about online forms and workflows is that they can reassure event planners and their clients that no detail will be forgotten. In fact, workflows can be set up to notify key personnel as soon as a “triggering” event has been completed. Workflows can also be set up to send out notifications if something that should have happened hasn’t happened. Haven’t heard back from the supplier of table linens and it’s already Thursday? Here’s a notification that someone needs to call them. The event planner in highest demand is the one who simply gets things right the first time. Online workflows can be the key to ensuring everything is done at the proper time, and the event proceeds flawlessly.

You Can Create Forms Tailored to Your or Your Clients’ Needs

Today you don’t need the help of an IT team to create forms custom-designed to your specifications. With an online workflow automation software like PerfectForms, even the non-technical user can drag and drop form and workflow elements into place. Forms and workflows are mobile-friendly so team members can check the status of any workflow right from their phones and tablets. When a service is rendered, data can be automatically entered into spreadsheets or other forms, making tasks like invoicing seamless and accurate. And workflows can be customized to suit the event, whether it’s a trade show, anniversary party, or Quinceañera.

We encourage you to take a look through some of the PerfectForms case studies. It’s clear to see how swift the return on investment can be, and how many processes can be automated, streamlined, and perfected, even if you don’t know how to program. PerfectForms can be the key to making your event planning business stand out from the competition.


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