Increase Your Survey Response Rate with Online Forms

Surveys can provide valuable feedback about a number of things. You can find out what it is your customers like and dislike about your products, whether or not your customer service is hitting the mark, or even find out from your employees what they think of your latest training program. But the greatest survey in the world is useless, unless you can get people to turn it in.

When you ask employees or customers to fill out paper surveys, many will say that they simply don’t have the time. However, you can increase your response rate by offering that same survey online. With just a few clicks of the mouse, your target audience can fill out your survey and give you valuable feedback.

With PerfectForms software, you can create professional looking surveys in a short amount of time, and have them up on the web and functioning. These surveys can return information to you in a database or a report of your choosing.

Whether it’s a simple feedback survey, or a complex multi-page document, PerfectForms will help you create a professional looking online form. And like the rest of the templates in our forms library, our online surveys are easily customizable just by dragging and dropping. To see all of the forms available from PerfectForms, sign up for your free 30 day trial today.


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