Is Your Organization Ready for Business Process Management?

BPM software

Business process management (BPM) makes sense for companies of any size, in any industry, as long as everyone is committed to continual improvement and is willing to benchmark and measure success. But it isn’t the kind of thing you can just jump right into without preparation. Doing so would be like buying a car without making sure its internal parts work properly and it has the safety equipment necessary to protect occupants.

Choosing the right software is a major milestone prior to the implementation of BPM. But before you make that investment, it’s important to make sure your organization is ready for BPM and that the elements are in place to make it successful. Taking the time to assess BPM readiness and make further preparations if necessary can save you considerable time down the road because you’re far less likely to have to backtrack and redo parts of your BPM implementation. Here’s how to conduct your BPM readiness review.

Review Your Organizational Goals and Strategies

Reviewing the purpose of your organization is a good starting place. It can be as simple as, “We provide affordable athletic uniforms to schools,” or “We make gluten-free baked goods.” With your organization’s purpose in mind, you can then elucidate your goals, with the help of a handful of trusted employees. You want answers to questions like,

  • What do we seem to spend a disproportionate amount of time doing?
  • What tasks give us the most satisfaction?
  • If we could wave a magic wand and “fix” one aspect of business, what would it be?
  • How do we currently ensure consistency and quality?
  • Are we ready to scale up operations if we needed to in order to meet demand?

Have Conversations with Process Users and Owners

At some point, you need to sit down and talk with the people who carry out segments of business processes, or who are considered “owners” of processes. Talk to the person responsible for delivering the annual report on time, but also talk to the people who write and submit the various sections, the person responsible for layout and graphics, and the person tasked with creating the final PDF that goes to printing. Only by having a complete view of a process from all the angles can you ready yourself to use BPM software to manage the process better. 

Determine How You Will Benchmark Processes

BPM software

Know your goals for better-managed processes and how to measure progress toward them.

Willingness to benchmark processes before and after using BPM software is a huge component of BPM readiness. It’s not always easy to face up to those initial benchmark figures, but you have to have something against which to measure improvement. Furthermore, you have to be willing to gather honest metrics after implementation of your BPM tool, and if they don’t live up to expectations, you will need to figure out why. 

It’s like starting a weight loss program. Knowing your starting weight and measurements isn’t necessarily information that’s enjoyable to learn, but it’s how you’ll be able to see later how far you have come and to evaluate what has made the most difference. Maybe one dietary change has resulted in the loss of so many pounds, but the implementation of an exercise regimen has helped you lose inches and fit into clothes better. Learning cause and effect is powerful.

Taking BPM from Concept to Reality

The Business Process Automation tool you choose to make your organization run more efficiently and effectively should be powerful, flexible, and user-friendly enough that you don’t have to spend massive amounts of time learning how to use it. Ideally, it shouldn’t require programming skills, so process owners and users can be the ones to design business processes that work better.

Once you are confident that your organization is ready for BPM software to Automate Business Processes, you can look forward to happier employees and happier customers, assuming you choose your BPM software carefully. PerfectForms is BPM workflow software that gives you the power, flexibility, and intuitive interface you need to create and manage business processes without having to know how to program. You can start with a single, simple business process as a test case, and once you see what a measurable difference it makes, you can expand to countless other business processes. 

To find out for yourself what we mean, we invite you to try PerfectForms by signing up for a free trial. Learn what a BPM tool can accomplish when it’s designed for process owners and users, and designed to get measurable results and a fast return on investment. 


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