It’s Bikini Season, and These Expenditure Forms are Ready


Processes must be tracked closely, but you can do it without paper forms.


Capital expenditure forms are essential in every type of business. You have to keep accurate records so you can understand where business capital goes and track how long equipment lasts. You also need meticulous records for tax purposes. Getting capital purchases approved may be a multi-step process, but it’s important that every step is documented so that a clear audit trail is created

But who wants to waste time manually completing paper forms, making photocopies for all the necessary file folders, and waiting around for the approval cycle to slowly grind its way forward? The capital expenditure cycle may not be exciting, but that doesn’t mean it has to be inefficient, old-fashioned, and unwieldy. Your business is better off with something sleeker and simpler: electronic forms and workflows.


Paper Forms: The Business Equivalent of the Victorian Bathing Costume

Paper forms made a lot of sense for a lot of years. Rather than dictating or writing a memo, people could simply write down essential information on forms and send them to the right recipient. For their time, paper forms were great. But now we look at paper forms and it’s obvious how outdated they are. We wonder why we need to use a pencil and paper and then manually hand forms to the right person to request capital expenditure approval when our cat has its own Facebook page that’s updated daily. Paper forms are petticoats and top hats, and we live in the skinny jeans era.


Electronic Forms: Sleek, With Just Enough Coverage

Electronic forms cover everything essential and do away with the rest. An electronic form may require just as many fields to fill in as a paper form, but it’s done online, and most people type faster than they write. Custom electronic forms can also specify certain formats, so the data that populates forms has a consistent format, regardless of user. And rather than using company mail or hand delivering a completed form, submission is a simple matter of clicking “Send.” Electronic forms let you do much more, with less time and fewer errors.


Electronic Workflows Let You Hang Ten on More Opportunities

When your capital expenditure forms are created as part of a logical workflow, everything is faster, and people know what to expect. You can set up your workflow so that whenever an approval step is completed, all relevant parties are notified. That means you don’t have to wonder if your form was sucked into another dimension, because you can use your network to track its progress at any time. Electronic workflows free up your employees to focus on core business processes and seek out new opportunities.



Don’t let old, unwieldy processes hold your team back.


Electronic Forms Keep You from Getting Burned This Summer

Link together capital expenditure forms into coherent workflows, and you can ensure that every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed for every capital expenditure request. The people who take care of taxes can be confident they have all the documentation they need, and if someone wants to know, for example, how frequently office copiers are purchased, they can easily search capital expenditure records for answers. Electronic forms and workflows ensure that no steps are skipped and no crucial data is omitted, yet they make the capital expenditure process sleek and problem-free.



Perhaps you’re thinking that electronic forms and workflows for capital expenditures would be nice, but who has the time or money to make it happen? The answer is, you do. With PerfectForms, you have the ability to create pixel-perfect forms simply by dragging and arranging form fields onto a “blank canvas” interface. Once your forms look exactly as you want them, they can be linked into workflows using a similar drag-and-drop process. Workflows may contain automatic triggers to notify relevant parties, and they can be made easy to monitor at all stages. And you don’t have to know anything about programming to do it.

Having electronic forms and workflows doesn’t require your IT team to drop what they’re doing to help you, and it doesn’t require a major capital investment. PerfectForms puts the power into the hands of people who use the forms, so they can be custom tailored to workplace needs. You can try out PerfectForms for free and see for yourself how sleek and elegant forms and workflows can be.



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