It’s Easy to Access Outside Databases with PerfectForms

Over time, your business has probably built up large databases of valuable information relating to your workflow processes. When you begin using PerfectForms, it would be beneficial to be able to integrate that existing data with your process management software, without having to migrate it to a new database within the software.

Fortunately, that’s something that PerfectForms has already thought of and has enabled in their business process software. There is a Connection Agent available to access data that is stored in Oracle, SQL, MySQL or Sybase databases, directory services such as LDAP or Active Directory, as well as in text or CSV files.

By working with the database administrator, the information in your database can be protected by allowing access only to the specific data that the PerfectForms business process software needs. All other data can be password protected and kept secure. Once the permissions have been set up, the access information is given to an administrator at PerfectForms, who will set up the Connection Agent to access the data.

This process protects your data and minimizes the amount of time your IT department has to spend setting up to integrate with PerfectForms.



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