Lacking Flexibility? Work It Out With PerfectForms!

Consider for a moment the physical concept of momentum. Something with a lot of mass doesn’t need a lot of speed to have a lot of momentum. Likewise, something with plenty of velocity doesn’t have to be big to have a lot of momentum. Companies tend to grow, and as they grow, they tend to slow down. After all, they don’t have to have the alacrity and speed they used to have to keep the momentum going.


Young, energetic businesses have certain advantages, but your established business can access them too.

A problem occurs when another business disrupts the industry. Often, when this happens, velocity trumps size – at least for a while. Larger, well-established companies can be nimble and light on their feet, if they’re not afraid of innovation and change. Questioning the long-held beliefs that hold up the dominant business model in an industry can be the beginning of greater dexterity and a renewed sense of mission and purpose. If your organization lacks flexibility, workflow automation may likely be the key to becoming more adroit and able to tackle whatever challenges the marketplace wants to toss your way. Here’s how.

Embrace Innovations in Customer Relationships

Expectations for customer service have changed significantly in the past decade. No longer satisfied to dial a toll-free number and wait for the next available agent, today’s customer wants to reach out via social media, as well as their favorite brands’ websites. The great news is, workflow automation can be used to take in customer service information and requests and instantly and automatically deliver them to the appropriate recipient. Less time is spent typing what a customer is saying over the phone, so more time can be spent getting to the heart of the matter and solving the problem.

Activities Can Be Intelligent as Well as Efficient

Suppose you have a split purchase request process where purchase requests of more than a certain dollar amount must go through additional approval steps. Smart workflow solutions make this easy by using the dollar amount of the request to determine which approval process is to be used. Furthermore, the request can be automatically forwarded to the correct approving authority or authorities so no time is wasted reading a paper form, determining who it should go to, and then delivering it by hand. Another reason workflow automation is “smart” is that it’s far less prone to errors than manual processes involving paper forms.

Managing Resources Effectively Can Free Up Capital


Workflow automation can prevent needless expenditures, making your company leaner.

Have you ever purchased, say, a kitchen gadget only to get home and find that you already had one? A similar thing happens to businesses. Nobody knows about the unused laptops in HR’s storage room, so someone orders a batch of new laptops for the summer interns. Workflow automation allows organizations to keep track of assets like tools and computers, as well as to whom they’re assigned, their repair history, and many other pertinent details. It’s one of the best ways to prevent unnecessary expenditures and ensure resources are distributed optimally. Can your existing workflow solutions do this quickly, automatically, and without error?

How Can Technology Help You Innovate Costs?

Workflow solutions save companies money too. Take only a handful of paper forms and make them electronic and you immediately start saving in terms of paper, ink, and printing costs. Create workflows that automatically route those electronic forms upon submission, and you save considerable time as well. Workflow automation can prevent careless errors, like losing or damaging a form and having to start all over again. Customer requests won’t get lost, purchase orders won’t mysteriously disappear from the approval cycle, and the IT department can do away with all those sticky notes they use to record IT requests.

Your company may be established, and it may be large, but that doesn’t mean it has to be “entrenched,” or “unwieldy.” With workflow automation, processes prone to bottlenecks can become unstuck, and inefficient processes can be revamped to cut out unnecessary steps and save money and time. PerfectForms is the ideal workflow automation solution because it allows non-technical people to create pixel-perfect electronic forms and workflows with a friendly, drag-and-drop canvas interface. No major IT projects have to be funded, and innovations can roll out quickly. You can try PerfectForms for free, too. You’ll quickly discover workflow solutions that will immediately start making your organization more adept and skillful.


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