Lose the Paper! Benefits of a Paperless Office

With natural resources at an all-time low and technology capabilities at a high, having a paperless office makes sense. In addition to sparing the environment, eliminating the use of paper can increase productivity, organization, and security. Here are just some of the ways going paperless can improve your business.


Unlimited Filing Space

Storing physical documents on-site requires plenty of office space, which can be restrictive. Going paperless, on the other hand, allows you to keep files on management systems with larger storage capacities. Thanks to technologies like cloud storage and flash drives, storage space is virtually unlimited.


Effortless and Time-Saving Document-Sharing

With documents stored in a virtual location, it is easier to access, share and send files to the relevant people. In addition to easy sharing, documents can be retrieved within minutes without having to search through filing cabinets.


Confidential Documents Kept Private

One of the biggest benefits of a paperless office is increased document security. With physical filing systems, sensitive documents are at risk of being accessed by unauthorized parties. Digital storage remedies this security problem by allowing you to set passwords to restrict access to confidential information.


File Important Documents for Audit

Documents required for audits are of a very sensitive nature and need to be stored in a secure location. These include financial records, contracts, investment transactions and personal details of clients and personnel. If this data lands in the wrong hands, it can have devastating effects on your business. Paperless digital storage allows you to set up strict security measures to protect important files only accessible to authorized personnel.


Convenient Remote Access

Keeping documents on-site means personnel and executives have to be present on the premises to retrieve files. In a paperless office, this is not necessary. Documents can be accessed from any location, provided the user has password information and an Internet connection. Remote access opens up many avenues of productivity because it allows personnel to work from home, from other branches of the business and even from overseas.


Cut Office Operation Costs

Every year, businesses spend thousands on printing, faxing, mailing, information-recording and other office tasks. Going paperless makes these tasks electronic and eliminates the expense of buying paper in bulk. Not only does eliminating paper costs increase the bottom line, it allows the same tasks to be carried out faster while freeing capital for other business projects.


Keep Up with Green Corporate Trends

Going green is not only beneficial for the environment, it is also an evolutionary, necessary step for businesses. It creates a productive workplace for employees, eliminates unnecessary expenses and keeps your enterprise relevant in a shifting corporate climate. In addition to being an economical transition, instating a paperless office provides sustainability for long-term success.


How to Create a Paperless Office

Transitioning to a paperless office takes strategic planning. You need to consider:

  • -The type of software and storage space your business needs
  • -How much training is required for personnel to use the management system effectively
  • -How to introduce customers and clients to your system without complicating transactions
  • -The cost of implementing paperless software, equipment and procedures
  • -How many personnel are required to scan and convert new and existing document for digital storage
  • -What external help you will need to maintain the document management system and to troubleshoot technical glitches when they arise

The effort and cost needed to implement a paperless office might raise some legitimate concern, especially for growing businesses. However, going digital saves time and money in the long run. Research available workflow software offers customized to your business needs and acquire the help you need to reap the full benefits of losing the paper.


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