Make 2017 the Year Your Master Business Process Management

In many companies, particularly those with tight budgets, business process management (BPM) ends up being implemented a little bit here, and a little bit there, as needs arise. While there’s much to be said for automating and streamlining processes as you recognize the need, a piecemeal approach to BPM isn’t ideal.

BPM software

If you have some processes that are well-defined and well-managed, that’s terrific, but if you can shift to where you manage all processes based on an underlying strategy, you can really ramp up efficiency, taking your entire organization to a new level of productivity. With the right BPM software, you can automate and manage processes throughout the organization, with a level of consistency that you simply wouldn’t get by managing business processes in fits and starts.

Does Your Organization Have an Underlying BPM Strategy?

If your organization doesn’t have a BPM strategy, why not take advantage of it being the beginning of the year to develop one? Your strategy should be based on the processes your teams use most, where bottlenecks exist, and where automation can be implemented. Unfortunately, many companies don’t develop a BPM strategy, and later try to implement process management on everything all at once. It’s better to prioritize where you want to apply your BPM strategy so that change is evident, but not overwhelming.

Short-Term Expectations

When you automate and streamline a process using your BPM software, you can expect improvements almost immediately once all process users are on board and know what to do. With proper design, automation, and management, a process that used to take hours could take minutes. Processes that used to take days or weeks (like approval of a technical paper) can be accomplished in a day or two using online workflows and getting rid of slow, manual, paper-oriented steps. In fact, many organizations find that once they automate one process using a BPM tool, they can suddenly see many more opportunities where the BPM tool can be put to use.

Long-Term Expectations

BPM software

With the right BPM tool, you can fully expect better efficiency and a better bottom line.

With the right BPM software and a strong BPM strategy, you can expect to see major positive changes by the end of the year. Bottlenecks may cease to exist where they used to plague your team, documentation of business processes can be done thoroughly as part of the individual workflows, and you should be able to use your BPM software to create reports showing how much more efficient and cost-effective your organization operates. In other words, you’ll probably look back and wonder how you ever got along without BPM software and a sound strategy for putting it to work.

Efficiency Metrics and Bottom Line Should Both Benefit

If you put together a BPM strategy for this year and work methodically toward implementing it, you’ll find that efficiency takes a quantum jump. This is especially true if you make online workflows mobile-friendly so people can complete processes using their mobile devices. As just one example, an online business process automation that allows traveling employees to easily upload JPG files of receipts and complete travel reimbursement forms on their phone or tablet can shorten the travel reimbursement process significantly while making it more accurate since everything is digital and paper forms are a thing of the past.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that BPM is just something for large enterprises. In fact, it is often the smaller business that can benefit disproportionately from having the right BPM tool. PerfectForms is BPM workflow software with the power and flexibility to automate and streamline processes throughout your organization, from IT to facilities management to HR. You do not have to know how to program to create custom workflows that make sense for your needs.

From simple online forms to the most in-depth and complex processes, PerfectForms has you covered. Start now and you’ll look back at the end of the year at tremendous progress, and be prepared to further improve Workflow Processes as needs, customers, employees, and markets evolve. You can try PerfectForms for free by signing up for a free trial, so there’s no reason not to explore the possibilities of outstanding business process management.


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