Make it Easier to Report Employee Absences with Online Forms

The larger your business grows and the more staff you hire, the more you need to have a way to know when your employees are not going to be at work. If you’ve ever had an employee call in sick and leave a message on the voicemail of someone else who’s not there that day, you know what an issue this can be.

Now you don’t have to worry about missing a call or message about an employee absence again, because PerfectForms has the answer for you. Our business process software allows you to automate workflow processes used by your Human Resources department. You can streamline your employee absence reporting by putting the forms online. Use our customized templates to create your own online reporting feature for employees who will not be coming to work due to illness, or for those who are requesting vacation time. These forms are accessible all day and night, from any computer with an Internet connection. And you can set up notifications to go straight to your email inbox.

PerfectForms also has online time tracking forms, so your employees can put in their own hours and have them sent to a manager for approval. This saves time and increases accuracy in reporting time and attendance data.

Human resources workflows are just a few examples of the business processes that PerfectForms can streamline for you. To see a complete listing of the online workflows that are available through PerfectForms software, sign up for your free 30 day online trial of PerfectForms software today.


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