Make the First Day of School Better for Everyone with Online Forms

The first day of school is a time of anticipation and excitement, even for teachers who have been in the classroom for decades. A new blend of students and teachers gives each year its own unique “vibe,” and in all of the first-day excitement, it’s easy to forget about tasks that have to be completed so that school records are current and complete.

Online forms

Online forms eliminate many first day of school hassles and headaches.

For decades, the beginning of the school year has been marked by the submission of countless paper forms, for school use, government records, and student health files. The parent of multiple children in one district could spend significant time filling in paper forms, a process which can become boring and error-prone after a while. And, of course, school staff must deal with all those forms, sometimes entering data from them into databases, filling up filing cabinets, and hoping there aren’t too many mistakes.

Online school form submission can solve many of these problems, for students, parents, and school staff. Converting from paper forms to online forms using form software is not as daunting a task as you might imagine.

Online Forms Benefit Administrative Staff Members

When data from student forms must be read from paper forms and entered into spreadsheets or databases, the potential for mistakes is huge. With online forms, several intermediate steps are eliminated altogether, drastically reducing the risk of errors. For example, there are no worries about children forgetting or losing forms since they’re submitted online. If your form software is able to automatically route data from the online form into a spreadsheet or database, many hours of manual data entry can be eliminated altogether. The result is a school staff that is less overwhelmed and better able to focus on the educational process.

Parents Can Save Significant Time and Effort

Suppose a parent has three kids in the same school, all of whom have a stack of paper forms that must be filled out and returned when school starts. It can take a lot of time to complete all that paperwork! Furthermore, there’s always the possibility of mixing one child’s paperwork in with another child’s, causing errors to propagate throughout the system unless and until someone catches the mistake.

Online forms, by contrast, can be submitted automatically upon completion, and they can be set up to “autocomplete” blanks, so once a parent has, for example, entered one child’s address, the address will be automatically filled in on forms for the other children.

Everyone Appreciates a Reduction in Paper Usage

Online forms

The reduction in clutter alone makes online forms a great choice for schools.

It isn’t just filing clerks and parents that appreciate a reduction in paper usage. Kids themselves will have less to keep up with during those sometimes-bewildering first days, and your custodial staff will have fewer worries as well. Was the form on the floor near the reception desk one that administrative staff had already dealt with, or does it need attention? With online forms, there are fewer such questions. And, if your school makes the effort to be environmentally friendlier, the use of electronic forms rather than paper helps you do that easily and enjoy significant benefits.

Some schools choose to have some paper forms made up so parents without internet access can still register their kids properly, and some set up computer kiosks and helpers in local libraries, community centers, and other public places so parents without broadband can still enjoy the advantages of online forms. The extensive time savings that come from using online forms more than offsets the time required to assist parents who need help with them.

The Right Form Software Makes It Easy

PerfectForms has been used by schools in the US and other countries to turn cumbersome paper forms into sleek, electronic forms that can be completed and submitted online. Better still, it is a online school form software that offers tremendous flexibility, power, and ease of use so that each school or school system can customize forms and workflows to meet their specific needs. PerfectForms has a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface, so you can make online forms that look exactly like paper forms, and ensure they are electronically submitted to the correct parties as soon as the end-user clicks “Submit.”

The difference PerfectForms makes in how smoothly your school operates can be substantial. Take a look at some of our case studies, particularly those from K-12 schools and institutions of higher education. The savings in time, money, and headaches have been nothing short of amazing.


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