My Online Form Is Smarter Than Your IT Dept.

If you oversee a work process, you probably know every detail of what is supposed to happen at every step. And if you still use paper forms that are filled in by hand, you are probably all too familiar with what can go wrong between the beginning of the workflow and the end. Maybe you would like to have an electronic workflow instead, but your IT department is already stretched thin. Who knows when they might get around to transforming your paper-based workflow into a sleek, electronic workflow?


online form

Good luck getting IT to prioritize creation of electronic forms.


But what if you could bypass the IT folks altogether and create your own electronic forms and workflows? You can do this, even if you’ve never written the first line of programming code, because it can be done through a convenient user interface. With the right electronic forms and workflow solution, your biggest “risk” is that IT will come to you wanting to use your solution to create their own workflows. Here’s how it works with PerfectForms.


Forms for Human Resources Needs

Say you work in the HR department. Maybe part of your job involves taking care of reimbursement for property employees buy in order to do their jobs. For example, one of your engineers travels to meet a company representative and give a presentation, hoping to win a new client. But his slide projector is DOA and he can’t fix it, so he purchases a new one out of his own pocket so he can give the presentation.

When your personal property reimbursement form can be completed online and automatically submitted to the proper approving authorities, they can then electronically notify Finance to cut a check for the projector amount. Your engineer can complete the necessary forms even before returning to the office, considerably speeding up the process for everyone involved.


Finance and Budget Forms

A new fiscal year is approaching and department heads need to spell out and justify their budgets for the upcoming year. If all your finance and budget forms are on paper, you can count on mistakes, lost forms, and misread information. But if you create electronic versions of all forms used in the budgeting process, and then link them together logically in an electronic workflow, everything goes much more smoothly.

Electronic forms won’t get lost or coffee-stained, nobody has to worry about being able to read someone’s terrible handwriting, and completed forms are automatically routed to the proper receiving authority. These people can then act on forms and electronically send them to the next person in the workflow.


Forms for Educational Institutions


Online form

Just one classroom can generate an enormous amount of paperwork.


Without forms, K-12 institutions or institutions of higher education would soon collapse into total chaos. Enrollment forms, field trip requests, detention forms, transcript requests and much more can be handled electronically, saving busy school administrators significant time and hassle.

Suppose your local community college needs a transcript for one of your former students. They can submit a request via online form, and once you confirm their credentials, you can pull the transcript, copy and mail it, or scan it and send it as an email attachment. If transcripts themselves are compiled electronically, they can be saved as PDFs so they’re ready to go upon request.


Create Your Own Custom Form

Every business is different, and chances are your business uses forms in some ways that are utterly unique. In addition to a broad and useful suite of pre-made form templates, PerfectForms lets you create your own custom forms from scratch so you can get them exactly like you want them. And again, there is no programming involved, and your final electronic forms can be made to look exactly like your paper forms, so people are comfortable with them from the start.

Whether you need a form to sign up for the company picnic, to confirm attendance at safety training, or to request a vehicle from the transportation pool, PerfectForms makes it as easy as dragging and dropping form fields into place. Your electronic forms can then be just as easily connected into sleek, efficient electronic workflows.



Let the IT department worry about overheated servers and big data, because when it comes to making online forms and workflows, you have it covered with PerfectForms. You don’t have to know how to write code to create custom electronic forms and workflows that speed work processes and reduce error rates. And best of all, you can try PerfectForms for free and see for yourself how easy and powerful it is. Give it a try. You and your IT department will be happy you did.

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