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Sometimes opportunities present themselves, but you have to work quickly to take advantage. Perhaps you have the chance to impress a potential new client, but in order to do so you need to collect and analyze some data first. If you take this proposal to the IT department, don’t expect them to drop everything and help you.


IT help

Is this the response you expect from IT when you need help with a new project? You have alternatives.


IT is usually up to its collective eyebrows with end-user problems, slow networks, and everything involved in keeping your network functioning day to day. Writing a data collection program, while it might make a nice change of task, isn’t going to be high on IT’s list of priorities. But you don’t have six months to wait for IT to have time to help you. Are there other options?


You Can Collect Data Efficiently With Online Forms

There may well be another option you can pursue without bothering the IT people. Suppose you need to collect a certain type of data and make sense of it to impress a potential new client. You don’t have to know how to program to create user-friendly electronic forms that people will intuitively know how to use. Moreover, you can ensure that once forms are completed, the data in them is used as you want, and the proper people are notified if necessary. PerfectForms lets you create electronic online forms with drag-and-drop simplicity. And you can create workflows with forms to ensure they go where they’re supposed to once completed.


Import and Export to Spreadsheets, Databases, or Other Forms

If you have a database full of information you’d like to put into electronic forms, you can do so with the built-in PerfectForms Connection Agent. With access credentials to the database you want to use, you can drag and drop connections from an external database to your electronic forms, and make it so data from the database fills form fields automatically.

Additionally, PerfectForms allows you to export forms data to other forms. This can be terrific when you want to avoid people having to re-enter data multiple times, because something entered once can be made to populate multiple forms. The Connection Agent allows you to not only import data into forms from external sources, but also put information collected on electronic forms into databases, spreadsheets, or other applications. And this too is done without having to know how to program, because the PerfectForms Connection Agent also has an intuitive user interface.


Process Data to Present to Client


IT help

PerfectForms lets you work fast, so you’re ready when opportunity knocks.


You’ve collected data through your electronic forms. You’ve exported data to a spreadsheet, and the spreadsheet crunches your data to give you the unique business insight that will win you that new client. And you did it all without having to pull a programmer off an IT project to help you. From the start your potential client can see how agile and proactive your business is because of your skill at using electronic forms and workflows. PerfectForms can be your behind-the-scenes partner when it comes to making a terrific first impression and winning new business.


Impress Potential Clients Without Writing Custom Code

The IT department says that programming is hard, because programming actually is hard. It can take years to learn and many more years to become an expert. Nobody has that kind of time if there’s a potential new client waiting to be impressed. And few companies have the resources to either hire a programmer temporarily or to redirect IT resources to fast-track a new project.

In many of these cases, you can use PerfectForms to do what you need quickly and efficiently, and you don’t have to write the first line of code. At most you’ll need to know access credentials to databases you will be accessing. Whether you want to import data and put it into forms, or export data from forms to a spreadsheet or database, the Connection Agent lets you do so. You can watch a tutorial and see the process for yourself.



PerfectForms puts more than the power of electronic forms and workflows into your hands. It also lets you create processes that used to require the help of programmers to accomplish. If this sounds like something that could benefit your business, why not check out our demo or sign up for a free trial of PerfectForms? You don’t have to know how to program to handle forms data in innovative and powerful ways.

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