No Programming Knowledge? No Problem, with This Workflow App Creator

Workflows happen whether they’re defined and managed or not. Workflow must take place to get your product or service to the customer, and when workflows develop on their own they often turn out inefficient. Worse still, they may be allowed to remain that way as attitudes become entrenched that, “That’s how we’ve always done it.”

Workflow app

Poorly-designed workflows can become entrenched too, unfortunately.

Organizations of every size and industry have discovered that defining and creating electronic workflows that are automated wherever possible can boost productivity considerably, while driving down costs and improving employee morale. It used to be that developing custom electronic workflows required hiring a programmer – something that’s not in the budget for many small businesses. Today, however, you don’t need a programmer to create sleek, electronic workflows and reap the business benefits.

The Right User Interface Can Eliminate Dependence on Programmers

PerfectForms is software for creating electronic forms and workflows, and it has a user interface that makes this possible without writing any programming code. Rather than writing code, the user can drag and drop form or workflow elements into place on a virtual canvas. When you do this, the code is automatically created in the background. With the PerfectForms interface, you can define workflows, include behaviors and alert triggers, and even integrate with other systems. Plus you can include notifications and escalation procedures so that the right people are apprised of workflow status at every step.

Built-In Integration Components

Electronic and automated workflows usually have to integrate with other applications you use, like spreadsheets, web forms, or directory services. PerfectForms lets you include those applications in your workflows without a major IT project. It allows you to pull in data from directory services, push data into spreadsheets or databases, or send and receive data from the web or third party systems, all without writing code. PerfectForms comes with built-in integration tools for Salesforce, SAP, and Google Spreadsheets, allowing you to import and export data, and even add conveniences like custom drop-down lists and table objects.

Keeping Database Information Updated

If you need to connect with the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), which is a directory service protocol that’s used to connect to, search, and modify internet directories, PerfectForms lets you do this as well. The interface lets you set up a connection using LDAP (such as Active Directory) so that the data used to populate tables and drop-down lists remains up to date. When the synchronizing process detects differences between the LDAP and PerfectForms, it automatically prompts the user to decide which changes should and should not be made. Again, all this is done without programming.

Workflow app

PerfectForms can be made to work with internet directories, without writing code.

Creating Your Own Custom Interface Without Programming

Suppose you want to integrate PerfectForms with another third-party application, but there’s no built-in interface in PerfectForms. That’s OK, because you can create a custom interface without programming with the Connection Agent tool. The Connection Agent is installed where the third-party data resides. It allows strict control over access and lets you decide what type of access to the third-party data is allowed, such as “read only.” Though you may need your database administrator to install the Connection Agent or grant access so you can install it, no programming is required to create the custom interface.

Small Investment, Large Technological Leap

Automated forms and workflows are no longer just for big enterprises with deep pockets. PerfectForms puts the power of creating forms and workflows into the hands of those who know the business processes inside and out, and who can design workflows that make sense to the end-users. A small company may start out by creating electronic versions of commonly used forms, and then add functionality that connects the forms into workflows, complete with automated alerts, trigger actions, and reporting. It can help small businesses compete better without requiring a big capital investment up front.

Power to Create Custom Workflow Applications Is in Your Hands

With a unique and easy to use online form builder, PerfectForms has helped organizations in a range of industries, like healthcare, education, and insurance, to automate processes, create custom workflows, and enjoy tremendous savings of time and money. Additionally, PerfectForms is mobile-friendly, so if your team members need to complete electronic forms in the field using their electronic devices, they can do so, speeding up workflows even more. Best of all, you can try PerfectForms for free and see for yourself the world of possibilities that opens up when you have the power to create custom workflows.

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