Office Organization Tips Perfect for Summer

Be prepared this summer to keep your office in, tip-top shape by planning ahead for those going on summer vacations.  This will help temporary employees and coworkers that are vacationing do what they need to do in the absence of the permanent team member. In just a few hours’ time, you can teach team members tips or tricks that will keep the office running swiftly and smoothly during their absence.  In addition, organizing the office eliminates the need for employees to wait for absent team members to return. This will help increase your company’s productivity, and will decrease the amount of wasted time. Achieving that smoothness boosts office productivity during the summer.

Create a Log Book for Staff of Customer Issues

One of the most prevalent customer pet peeves is having to tell their story and ask their questions multiple times. A log book for these occasions could make the customer feel important when they return. This log could be an electronic form on the computer for easy reporting and legibility.

Create a FAQs Sheet That Details the Most Common Visitors Questions

Are there particular questions your clients or customers tend to ask the most? A FAQ question sheet should include them in layman’s terms for the temporary team member. These questions might include office hours, where to find the right forms, what is needed for service, i.e., driver’s license and whatever else commonly gets asked. The permanent team member might even include questions asked by other team members to ensure the smoothest transition. After all, an office should be able to serve the customers, clients and coworkers of other departments at peak efficiency at all times.

Develop a Chart/Roadmap for Temps to Find Files and Supplies

Although temps often get a tour of the office, finding the things they need during the course of the week or month can be challenging. Creating a chart and/or roadmap will help them transition into their temporary position. Plus, it comes in handy for the arrival of new team members. Permanent team members benefit from these as well if they need a refresher.  If the person out on vacation was the one everyone goes to for answers, this tool will help them find the things they need.

Make Sure Your Office Has PerfectForms 

Every office needs forms. Creating online forms with PerfectForms form software makes this process simple. They let the maintenance man know what items need repair. They pass information to other team members in concise format. The right forms will ensure efficiency among a temporary team.

A well-organized office will make all of those summer vacations begin and end on a good note. Plus, it doesn’t leave the employee with a pile of messy work on their return. What tips do you implement each summer to help promote a well-organized office?