Office suffering from the summer slumber?

Use this time to get set for frantic fall

Even though your office may still be slumbering its way though the final days of the summer, frantic fall is all but upon us. If your team appears to be moving through molasses and you want to get them ready for the maelstrom to come, here are five ideas you can utilize right now to wake them up.

Idea Swap: Start sending out “Yes, and…” idea swaps around the office. Begin your thought and then have one other person add to or change it before sending it along to someone else. Urgency is key, so each recipient should only have five or 10 minutes to think. When you get back the idea, see what your seedling has blossomed into with a little watering from your colleagues.

Espresso Brainstorming: Another good place to get discussions going is at the coffee pot… or in the Starbucks line. Wherever you go to caffeinate, see how far you can take an idea from the time you walk into the room to the moment you take your last sip.

Elevation: Another great place to bounce around ideas is in the elevator. Does your office even have an elevator? Are you on the second floor? It doesn’t matter. Anywhere will do, as long as it allows work to take a back seat and lets automation takes over. The idea is to approach your team when they are not expecting it and see what they can come up with when their minds are elsewhere.

EOD Assignments: If you’re looking for meatier ideas, start giving out end-of-day assignments. Say you want three to five paragraphs on a marketing pitch, sales agenda, or new way of doing something old by morning. This gives your team the opportunity to tell you about an idea or thought that might otherwise have been passed over. As the summer dwindles, some of the ripest fruit is just about to fall off the vine – make sure you catch these low-hanging nuggets while you can!

Streamline Flow: Workflow software like PerfectForms allows users to do so much at one time, kick starting your team into completing tasks such as:

  • Creating reports
  • Integrating with other systems
  • Automating workflows
  • Designing HTML forms

Moreover, the PerfectForms system is a great way to get your team out of their summer haze and focused on the business of doing business.

Create, deploy, report. That is what you need to do to get your team thinking about the onslaught of work coming their way this fall, and PerfectForms can help.


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