On-Demand or On-Premise Workflow Management Software

When in need of a simple solution for your workflow needs, PerfectForms gives you the power to choose which deployment methods best meet your unique needs. You can choose to install on your servers (on-premise) or ours (on-demand or SaaS). Key factors to consider in your decision making process are availability of hardware, associated costs and internal security policies. For a review of the SaaS market, see our recent post on EbizQ.

On-Demand Workflow Management Software

The on-demand option provides business benefits like:

  • No software or hardware to maintain
  • No upfront investment
  • Secure 24/7 monitoring and back-up
  • Low monthly payments
  • Hosting provided by Rackspace

On-Premise Workflow Management Software

Another option you’ll find at PerfectForms is the On-Premise account.  This account gives you added benefits when compared with On-Demand.  These advantages include:

  • Software is installed on your servers
  • Maintain complete control over the environment
  • Can be moved to the cloud in the future

Visit the PerfectForms On-Demand or On-Premise pages for more information about these effective business solutions.


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