On Digital Marketing With Brightpod’s Sahil Parikh

Digital marketingSome aspects of business are still enigmatic to decision makers. While PerfectForms offers peace of mind through creating a more efficient Workflow Process and better reporting systems, things like effective marketing strategies still confuse people. What’s actually working? How do you know?

In order to sift through a world of almost endless digital marketing tools, PerfectForms caught up with Sahil Parikh, founder of Brightpod, a web-based project management software for marketing teams. Through his online writings and social media conversations, Parikh has given readers a glimpse into his online marketing strategies, and he elaborates with PerfectForms here:


Some months back, you wrote a blog about your experiments with site re-targeting for Brightpod. At the time, you were still uncertain as to whether it was the most efficient use of your marketing dollars. Did you ever come to a final decision on whether you would continue to pursue it or not?

We pushed pause for a couple of months and have since pursued it again. Recently, we have been getting a steady stream of conversions with re-targeting. Personally, I like re-targeting (even if people don’t convert immediately) because it lets you remind people about your product since they showed an interest by visiting your site.

Note: Re-targeting is a process where companies single out their most likely customer online (people who are already visiting their websites). Then, once the customer leaves their website, the business will continue to put ads in front of that user no matter where they’re working online.


So you use re-targeting as traditional branding? Like a billboard planting a seed where possible conversions can take place at a later date?

Yes, this is exactly why we are using re-targeting. There is always a problem with attribution (you really don’t know if they have seen your ad and converted), but at least we can remind them that Brightpod exists if they need to use project management software for marketing in the future.


What marketing methods have seen the greatest ROI for Brightpod?

We drive more than 50% of our traffic via organic search, a.k.a. SEO. Last year, we setup landing pages for keywords pertaining to our business and what we thought people would search for. This investment is paying wonders today. This traffic is niche, well-targeted, and actively searching for what we can offer them.

For example, search for:

-“alternative to trello”

– “marketing project management software”

SEO traffic is evergreen, inexpensive to acquire, and qualified.

Besides SEO, our Twitter conversations are also helpful, as is being reviewed on blogs and participating on Quora. These all have high conversion rates (people who sign up) on our site.


Your Twitter handle reads “Kicking $aa$.” That’s clever! How would you describe SaaS technology to someone who isn’t familiar?

First, they should go to Amazon and buy my book: The SaaS Edge. SaaS refers to software that is accessed via a web browser. Here, the customer does not have to worry about setting up, configuring, or even hosting the software. That is done by a SaaS vendor. I often ask people if they use Gmail. If they nod, then I explain to them that they are already using SaaS, since Google maintains Gmail and all they do is use the browser to login and check their mail.


On your personal website, you state that your motto is, “Life is short. Work smart. Have fun.” What does working smart mean to you?

Working smart means working efficiently and productively. This way, you save time and can plouw that time into the things you love doing. Working smart also means minimizing distractions, not wasting time, and focusing on getting things done. This translates to using productivity tools, minimizing email notifications, and just being smart about how you spend your time.


As a writer, company founder, and start-up builder, how do you find time to “have fun?” What outside hobbies or passions do you pursue on your free time?

I play a round of golf every Saturday morning. On the other days, I either play tennis, go for a swim, or take a brisk walk late in the evening.


Does pursuit of those passions make you more proficient in your professional endeavors? How?

Absolutely. I feel energetic after any exercise. This helps me focus and get stuff done quickly. Plus, working, playing sports, and spending time with my family (including my 4-year old daughter) balances my week really well. This is the “have fun” part of my motto.


What three online tools have helped you in the business world, and why would you recommend them to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

There are quite a few tools I use for Brightpod, but for general business/productivity, I highly recommend these three tools which I use on a daily basis:

Google Apps: These are hassle-free and let me check my email from anywhere.

Intercom: This allows me to be in touch with my customers from anywhere.

HipChat: This allows me to be in touch with my remote team from anywhere.

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