Online Forms to Help Your School Manage Student Parking Better

Some American school districts don’t have bus systems, relying on cars to get most students to campus. In high schools, students with drivers’ licenses can be responsible for their own transportation and that of younger siblings. While this can make things easier on parents, it makes student parking management an issue that the school or school system must address to prevent chaos and preserve safety on campus.

Online forms

Safety demands that schools that allow students to drive themselves develop a parking management program.

Policies to govern efficient use of parking resources are a good start. In fact, there are turnkey parking management systems available. For many schools, however, online forms created with their general workflow automation software solution can be the basis for a powerful, customized parking management system that can be tailored for each facility’s needs. Parking problems are not always due to lack of parking supply, rather to inefficient parking management. Here are some ideas for handling student parking.

Assign Permits Based on Role

Giving the same type of permit to everyone and having a daily Darwinian competition for the best spaces tends to result in frustration. To prevent a free-for-all every morning and afternoon, consider assigning parking permits based on criteria like whether a student is an upperclassman, how long a faculty member has been with the school, or even how many siblings arrive together by car.

Information collected from online forms can be processed by your workflow automation software to assign parking based on grade, academic program, access to outbuildings (for athletes, for example), and other criteria.

Consider Staggering Arrival and Departure Times

Staggering arrival and departure times by grade can make things easier on parents who ferry their children to and from school, and on the students who are responsible for their own transportation. Staggering arrival and departure times by even a few minutes can help reduce traffic and parking conflicts. Once again, online forms can gather the information necessary so that each student (and staff member, if applicable) knows what time he or she must arrive and when it’s time to leave in the afternoon.

Use a Numbering System and Track it in a Database

Each permit holder should have his or her own permit number, which is attached to his name and other school ID information in a database. Numbers may be assigned sequentially, randomly, or by lottery, and should indicate which lot permit holders are required to use.

Online forms

Parking management can’t prevent every problem, but it can make day-to-day operations smoother.

Some schools assign specific parking spaces. A numbering system is necessary for making such a system easy to manage. Workflow automation software can be equipped with a simple algorithm to generate a number for each parking permit, and to associate it with a particular student, grade, academic program, or other criteria.

Give All Permits Expiration Dates

When you use a school workflow software to create any school-related process, there’s generally an associated time frame. Textbooks may be allocated by semester, and audio-visual equipment may be checked out using online forms by the class period or day. Likewise, when you use online forms to manage your parking system, you should make sure each parking permit has an expiration date attached. This prevents misuse of permits, and allows “fresh” tracking of cars each school year. If your school staggers arrival and departure times, reassignment of parking permits each year is essential.

PerfectForms is workflow automation software that schools in America and around the world have used to manage the data collection and resource allocation tasks that keep schools running smoothly. In addition to using it to make online forms for processes like field trip requests, discipline documentation, and student registration, you can use PerfectForms to create a parking management workflow. Students (or parents) can enter the required information and submit their requests online. The workflow goes stepwise through the process of assigning a permit number, informing the recipient of rules, and even creation of a hang tag that can be printed out and hung from rear view mirrors.

The best part is, you don’t have to know anything about programming to accomplish all this, because PerfectForms has an intuitive interface that makes sense, whether you’re planning a cafeteria menu or assigning textbooks. Take a look at some of our case studies to get an idea of the range of uses to which PerfectForms can be put. Schools of all sizes are some of our most ardent fans because of the power, flexibility, and ease of use PerfectForms incorporates.


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