Online Forms Transform Workflow Management Concepts

The modern business collects immense quantities of information every day, and the less they’re dependent on paper and manual processes, the better use they can make of it and the more efficient they become overall.

Workflow automation software

Think of the space you save when you don’t have to find room for all that paper.

With paper documents and forms, backup and organization are slower and less dependable. Plus “backing up” paper documents with copies only leads to more paper usage. Paper hasn’t advanced much technologically since its invention, though machines that use it (typewriters, copiers, and printers) have. We’re to the point that even email is considered “old school,” yet many businesses are reluctant to change workflows so that they’re paperless.

Change can be difficult, even when you know it’s for the better, but the use of online forms and workflow automation software benefits your business and your employees in numerous ways.

Online Forms Collect What You Need in One Place

When HR forms are in the HR office, building maintenance request forms are in the facilities manager’s office, and IT request forms are stored in still another location, the simple act of obtaining paper forms takes much more time than it should. With online forms, all authorized personnel can gain access to the forms they need at any time over the network. In some cases, electronic forms are even available to mobile users, so field engineers and others who don’t stay in one place long can easily get the forms they need to remain productive.

Workflow Automation Software Helps Ensure Data Integrity

Another problem with paper forms and manual processes is that data integrity can be sketchy. Some people will complete forms meticulously, while others will be more haphazard about it. If someone’s handwriting or spelling is difficult to decipher, mistakes can propagate throughout a workflow. But when you use workflow automation software and online forms, you can be much more confident about data integrity. There are no worries about penmanship, and you can even set up forms so they require data be entered in a certain format before the user can submit the form.

Break Down Siloes with Online Forms

Problems can arise when different departments operate in their own universes. For one thing, different departments tend to develop their own, rigid ways of accomplishing things, yet fail to communicate this to outsiders who need their services. Online forms are a terrific way to break up the siloes that can develop in a business. Workflow automation software can instantly ensure a completed electronic form goes to the right recipient, and can even send that recipient automated alerts to let them know their input is needed.

Workflow automation software

Siloes belong out here, not in your office.

Automate Form Routing with Workflow Automation Software

The old days when a completed form had to be hand-delivered to a recipient, or had to get to the right person by intra-office mail, were filled with the potential for problems. It was all too easy for a paper form to be buried under other things on someone’s desk, or for form users to go to hand in a form only to find that the person it was to be sent to was on vacation. And then they’d have to call to make sure the form was received. When workflow automation software immediately and correctly routes completed electronic forms, however, these worries disappear.

Mirror Current Processes, Then Optimize

If you are interested in moving from paper to electronic forms and from manual to automated workflows, it’s generally best if you make the new forms and workflows reflect the current ones, only in electronic versions. That way it will be easier for people to make the switch, and then, once everyone is used to electronic forms and workflows, they can be fine-tuned and optimized to make them even better. But the simple switch from paper controlled, manual workflows to electronic will still make a measurable difference in how efficiently your team can get their work done, right from the start.

PerfectForms is workflow automation software that makes it easy to create online forms and automated workflows that will measurably reduce your company’s dependence on paper. It’s designed for the non-technical user, with drag-and-drop simplicity for creating online forms and workflows that perfectly fit your needs. You can try PerfectForms for FREE and learn for yourself how easy it is to turn manual form into automated ones and to convert cumbersome paper forms to sleek, electronic ones.


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