Online sickness notifications allow you to stay bundled in bed

It’s a phenomenon that plays out thousands of times a day in America, and most frequently on Mondays and Fridays: the sick-day call. It can be an awkward encounter for both the employee and employer, and while no one ever said the workplace is perfect, there is a perfect workflow tool available when it comes to dealing with sick days.


This practical but exciting workflow tool is a sickness notification form. It’s practical because it’s simple to fill out, and it’s exciting because the form is completed online. All an employee has to do is log in and specify the day or date he or she will be unavailable for work, as well as his or her name, email, department and job title, plus the name and email of his or her manager.


With a push of the “send” button, most of those awkward, painful moments surrounding sick-day calls disappear. Consider the advantages for the employee, who can:


  • -Complete the form a full day ahead of time (or more), thereby providing greater notice to the employer, who in turn can make accommodations for the absence.
  • -Dispense with the stress and worry of tracking down the employer on the sick day because — let’s face it —  a quizzical irony of the workplace is that sometimes when you need to get in touch with a colleague the most, you just can’t seem to make the connection.
  • -Rest easy, knowing that the employer will receive the notification promptly.
  • -Stay bundled in bed (where the employee probably belongs anyway).


This nifty workflow tool also delivers multiple benefits to the employer, including:


  • -Faster and improved communication.
  • -The ability to plan for absences.
  • -The potential to eliminate paperwork through automation.
  • -Streamlined and consistent employee recordkeeping.


Whether you’re looking for a standalone workflow tool or a fully integrated one, PerfectForms will work with you to create a solution that is – what else? – perfectly suited to your company’s needs. After all, “perfect” is more than part of our name; it’s exactly the kind of solution we’re determined to achieve for our customers, too.




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