PerfectForms Can Help You Get Better Feedback

A key to improving your business is listening to customers, and, since calling each customer, asking questions and sifting through the answers can be incredibly time consuming and cumbersome, many companies email surveys to their customer base, as an alternative. Instead of having to write lines and lines of complex code, PerfectForms enables you to create interactive, user-friendly surveys, by merely dragging and dropping web objects on a canvas.


With surveys, it’s important that the questions are designed to give valuable, easy-to-interpret information, and, in order to accomplish this, PerfectForms surveys are able to skip questions based on early responses, or pull answers from earlier questions, and use them in later ones.


The software gives companies the option of embedding surveys into their webpage or emailing a separate URL that customers can access. Reports are easy to produce with data analysis, as well, and data can also be exported, for more advanced analysis.


As the world of business steadily moves onto the Internet, personal conversations between the executive team and customers have never been more important. PerfectForms’ surveys make these conversations easy.