PerfectForms Makes Reporting Data Easier

You can use forms and surveys to gather all of the data that you want from your customers. But, unless you have a way to analyze it, it will do your business no good.

Data analysis is one of the most essential functions in your business. And now it is easier with the help of workflow analysis tools available from PerfectForms. When you use PerfectForms to automate one of your workflows for your business, you automatically have the ability to build a report from the data that you collect.

The reporting function from PerfectForms came from our customers asking us for a way to report information. We listened, and enhanced our forms so that you have a variety of options for reporting your information. After your data is collected, it is stored in your choice of database software, where it can be used to create many different reports. You can choose from line charts, line graphs, grids, gauges and tables, as well as many other options.

We even have an easy, 10-step Quick Start guide to help you get going with your reports. This will walk you through everything you need to know, and allow you get your reports up and going faster. With our help, you can use PerfectForms to create a report of just about any data you need.


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