Trilliant: Making the World a Greener Place through PerfectForms

Today’s customer success story comes to us from the cutting edge energy solutions firm Trilliant. Trilliant provides network solutions and software for monitoring and controlling electric, gas, and water utility use, in real time, through the Trilliant ‘Smart Grid Network’. Through its monitoring services, Trilliant is able to provide utility companies with state-of-the-art metering and communications infrastructures that can reduce energy consumption and costs for consumers.

Trilliant’s CIO Tom Hines initially considered PerfectForms because of its affordability and simplicity, particularly in comparison to other SaaS solutions. Tom’s positive experience while implementing the service led to Trilliant’s entire Non-Disclosure Agreement process being automated using a PerfectForms application. Since that time, PerfectForms has become an essential tool in streamlining Trilliant’s day-to-day operations.

In addition to providing form creation and automation capabilities, PerfectForms is used by Trilliant as a powerful process mapping tool, which allows administrators to understand and streamline workflow processes. By identifying daily work connection points, Trilliant is able to document all pending items and procedures, better address inefficiencies and manage time and resource investments. This internal management process has been greatly improved thanks to the versatile nature of PerfectForms, saving Trilliant significant time and money.

Just another example of how PerfectForms and our business partners are working hard towards making this world a better, more efficient place.

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