How PerfectForms is transforming higher education

Institutions of higher education have been switching to form builders and workflow software to automate their IT departments. This step has helped reduce labor-related costs and speed up the process of administration. Using online forms to replace traditional PDF files and manual forms has saved a lot of time and energy, allowing the resources freed up by PerfectForms workflow solutions to be used in other projects within the institution.


University of Tennessee Martin Enjoys Success with PerfectForms


For a while, the University of Tennessee Martin (UTM) had to deal with long queues on the day of freshman orientation. The institution used to process all student ID cards on that particular day, which inconvenienced both students and IT staff. Six photo booths were needed to take more than 300 photos that were attached to students’ forms in the morning hours. The IDs would then have to be processed so the students could pick them up in the afternoon.


PerfectForms changed all that. Students can now fill out forms online and upload their photos at their own convenience before the date of orientation. The ID cards are processed early enough for freshmen to pick up when they report to UTM. IT staff can check online to see which students haven’t uploaded their photos and remind them to do so via email. This innovative use of technology led to UTM winning the top prize at the Professional Development Group’s First Annual Best Practices Awards in 2010 due to the university’s implementation of easy-to-use, money-saving tools.


University of Portland Also Benefits from PerfectForms


The University of Portland had a different challenge: online form creation. All departments requested custom forms, which was too much work for the university’s IT staff. The enormous data collection and creation problem needed a solution as quickly as possible.


The answer came in the form of PerfectForms workflow software. The system was installed across the institution so that all departments – and even students – have access to it. Anyone can open the software and custom-create an online form. Not every person has technical know-how, which is something that PerfectForms considered when designing the software.


Benefits of PerfectForms


The forms created using PerfectForms are stored on PerfectForms’ servers. They can be linked to institutions’ websites from there, negating the need for universities to upload and store the forms themselves. The servers leverage 128-bit encryption technology, making all documents secure and allowing several users to concurrently use the form creator without crashing.


There are many more ways higher education is being transformed by PerfectForms. Love PerfectForms? Tell us your story!



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