Revamping Online Forms for 2019? Consider These Trends.

Online forms must function perfectly, or else they can actually slow down business processes.

Unfortunately, we’ve all dealt with malfunctioning, slow, or just plain ugly online forms.

But once you have your online forms working flawlessly, are their aesthetics important? While not strictly necessary, good looks put form users at ease and make the experience of completing them more pleasant. For most businesses this is a worthwhile aim whether the online forms are used internally by employees, or externally by customers. 

A new year is a popular time for making changes, and many companies may choose to reevaluate or upgrade their online forms at the start of a new year. For customer-facing forms in particular, periodically revisiting forms to make sure they collect what is necessary, route data correctly, and look appealing to users is a good idea. If you’re considering a makeover for your online forms in 2019, here are some web design trends to consider. 

Bright Colors and Pastels

One of the best things about online forms is that they don’t have to be as dull as the paper forms of old. Websites are crucial marketing tools, and keeping a website appealing and fresh often requires making changes. Bright colors and pastels have been on-trend for a few years now, as people realize they don’t have to give up aesthetics for function.

Even if your web properties are designed with your company colors and logos as constants, a talented web designer can show you how to skillfully incorporate energetic brights and pastels into your online form designs to freshen up the look and make pages more memorable.

Imagery with Organic Shapes

Custom illustration is becoming a differentiator of sorts, helping websites and the forms on them stand out from those built without imagery, or with dull imagery. Illustrations that are created by hand add a note of authenticity to web form designs, and organic, natural-looking illustrations offer web users a break from what they see everywhere else on the web. 

There’s no reason why online forms have to be “all business.”

A great online form typically has plenty of blank space to make it easy on the eyes, and the addition of “organic” illustrations, without taking away too much of the blank space, can boost aesthetics while setting your online forms apart from everyone else’s.

Bold Typography

There is simply no excuse for online forms that are hard to read. Sure, there are plenty of fancy fonts that aren’t necessarily designed to be easy to read, but among easy-to-read fonts, you still have plenty of scope for creativity. Bold typography conveys a sense of confidence and transparency, that you have conviction and believe in the message. 

But what if your brand is based on a “natural,” or “artistic” style? No worries. There are plenty of bold fonts that convey these attributes while still being clear and easy to read. If you’re not sure what to pick, a professional web designer will know how to steer you in the right direction, and it can be money well spent if it brings in more traffic to your site.

Outstanding Function Will Never Go Out of Style

One thing you can’t forget with your online forms is that they must work correctly every time. PerfectForms is form software that empowers you to create custom online forms with drag-and-drop convenience. It’s great for both internal and customer-facing forms, and you have an almost endless scope for customizing them to suit end-user needs. 

What’s more, PerfectForms is mobile-friendly and interfaces easily with databases, spreadsheets, and other office systems that power your business. If creating beautiful, perfectly functional online forms with easy-to-user form software appeals to you, PerfectForms invites you to watch the demo video. You’re sure to be inspired as to new ways online forms can help make 2019 your best year ever.