Serve Your Veterinary and Boarding Clients Better with Online Forms

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Veterinary clinics can run more efficiently with online forms.

Many veterinary clinics offer additional services like boarding, grooming, and “spa” services for people’s beloved companion animals. People consider their furry, feathered, or scaled friends to be members of the family rather than “just pets,” and this means they require regular veterinary medical services along with occasional other services provided by vet clinics.

Filling out forms in the waiting room of a veterinary clinic can be a challenge, particularly for people trying to comfort or wrangle an animal who is in distress or ill. Vet clinics that offer a range of online forms that clients can complete and submit in advance benefits not only clients but their entire staff as well. Here are some common online forms your clinic can use to streamline your provision of services.

New Client Forms

Veterinarians, groomers, and kennel personnel need to know about the animals they will be interacting with, and providing new client forms online makes it easier for these animals’ humans to provide all relevant information. In addition to typical contact information, they can enter information about their pet’s name, age, species, breed, and color. If a pet has a microchip, they can enter that number as well. Online forms can offer space for new clients to give details about special needs or medical conditions their pets have. You can even make these forms mobile friendly with drop-down menus for many of the information blanks, to minimize typing.

Surgery Release Forms

When a pet has surgery, owners tend to be anxious, which makes it more difficult to take in the information on surgery release forms when dropping their pet off for the procedure. But when you create online forms for surgical authorization, clients have all the time they need to read and understand the information you need them to have and state their preferences about additional tests and optional medications recommended by the vet. If an animal takes medications on a regular basis, these can be listed, along with dosages and timing information. You can set up your online forms to accept online signatures from clients and then be submitted securely.

Grooming Release Forms

Workflow tools

Online grooming release forms can help groomers focus on their clients rather than paperwork.

Many veterinary clinics now offer grooming services in addition to medical services. Services may include bathing, trimming, and nail care and clients need to provide proper release forms before these services take place. These forms can also spell out and tabulate costs for services, and authorize the clinic to provide medical services if an emergency should arise during grooming. Some clinics may include pictures showing options clients can choose from, such as popular grooming styles for certain breeds. It saves time for everyone and prevents misunderstandings.

Boarding Reservation Forms

Boarding reservation forms must be absolutely accurate to ensure there are no mix-ups with regards to date, size, or type of animal. When you create online forms for boarding reservations, they’re less likely to contain mistakes, and you can even authorize secure online deposits to hold a pet’s place in your boarding facility. Forms can allow clients to indicate special services or products they want their animals to have during boarding, like exercise time, teeth brushing, or special foods and snacks. These forms can include client authorization for veterinary treatment if their pet should become ill or be injured while being boarded.

Making Potentially Stressful Situations Better

The stress of having a sick or injured companion animal can be major, yet it’s important for veterinary providers to have accurate, current information in order to provide the best possible treatment or services. Online forms for your veterinary, grooming, or boarding facility are more convenient for clients, allow your staff to more easily import and route critical information, and make the actual visit to the facility far less stressful for everyone involved.

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