Share data seamlessly with database integration

The rise of modern IT infrastructure has created huge opportunities for organizations and individuals of all kinds, but everything hinges on being as convenient to use as possible. Sharing data effectively is a core aspect of modern business efficiency and, when leveraged properly, can significantly streamline corporate processes. However, it is important that this data is available to everyone within the organization who needs it, when they need it, in order to make the countless tasks in progress flow more smoothly, as well as helping to ensure that information does not get lost or overlooked. One of the primary ways to set up such a framework is to implement database integration.


Virtual storage space has huge and ever-growing potential for making organizations more efficient and streamlining work for staff. However, with that power comes a wide range of competing programs and standards, making it difficult for the average person to understand how to approach the problem of integrating their data. When information is collected, some data may come in the form of spreadsheets and other data may come from totally different, disparate applications. It can seem like a daunting task to integrate it all into a single, informative report. A programmer might think of a way to do this, but what is simple to a programmer can be more difficult for a layperson. As a result, many employees simply copy the data manually, which takes hours or even days – time that could be better spent on other tasks. It is clear to see why programs designed to overcome these obstacles, and to make things as simple and streamlined as possible, are popular among all kinds of organizations.


PerfectForms is built around the idea that database integration is a central part of modern IT. Not only does the approach permit the integration of a variety of different standards, it accomplishes this without any need for coding. Thus, it becomes possible to extend the life of legacy systems, implement new programs and share data, regardless of that data’s origins. For example, the information collected in HTML forms can be integrated with a database as easily as that from workflow applications, but legacy data from an older system can be integrated as well, through open APIs and web services.


PerfectForms also offers several specially designed components to ensure flawless integration with:


  • -Google spreadsheets
  • -SAP


Through perfect compatibility with these channels, PerfectForms ensures these especially common sources of important information can easily be integrated with other data. Additionally, the fact that PerfectForms can be installed on local computers or accessed via the cloud helps to further improve convenience and utility for end users.


Database integration is a vital part of designing software. When interaction with outside groups is necessary, these requirements can be compounded further. PerfectForms ensures a smooth transition, easy database integration and the utmost convenience for staff. By eliminating the need for coding, it becomes easier for organizations to achieve effective, efficient processes.



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