How Small Businesses Can Make “Wedding Season” More Successful

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Even the simplest weddings require significant planning.

Small businesses typically power the local wedding scene, and while “wedding season” can be lucrative, it can also be stressful. People expect no less than the best on their special day, and your business reputation depends on delivering that.

If your business is making cakes or altering dresses, the last thing you may consider when gearing up for wedding season is your form software. Think again, however, because something as seemingly tangential to your core business objective can make an enormous difference in how well you can serve your customers. Your form software may be used mostly behind the scenes, but it can be invaluable in ensuring there are no mix-ups, missed steps, or missed opportunities. Here’s some advice for the photographer, tailor, wedding planner, and venue owner for making the most of the summer wedding season.

If You’re a Photographer

On the big day, you want to concentrate your energy on capturing the images that will delight the couple and their families for years to come. That’s why it’s so important beforehand to use your form software to spell out in your contracts what images are required, what your deliverables are, how soon you’re expected to deliver, and what the customer will pay. If the couple wants photos of the last dance, that should be in the contract so you don’t leave too early, for example. Photographers can not only suffer poor reviews, they can even be sued by couples who don’t believe they received what they asked for. When your form software creates forms that explicate everything, down to the last detail, however, this is far less likely to happen.

The Dressmaker or Tailor

Last-minute alterations are not unheard-of. Maybe a nervous bride lost weight and needs her dress taken in, or perhaps a zipper refuses to cooperate on the big day. Form and workflow software can be the dressmaker or tailor’s best friend with wedding clients. Having a workflow for what steps should happen in the days before and the day of the wedding can ensure everyone is happy, and that if there should be a last-minute problem, it will be fixed to everyone’s satisfaction, without unrealistic expectations on the part of the customer. And if you have to send your assistant to sew on a button at the last minute, the workflow will document all the steps and any charges associated with them, so everyone remains on the same page.

Wedding Planner

Form software

Wedding planners must be diligent about covering all the bases.

Not only must wedding planners have nerves of steel and endless energy, they must have clearly written clauses in contracts covering every element of their services. Do clients expect your physical presence at the venue? If so, how long before and how long after the festivities? Even if you offer package deals, those deals must spell out in precision what is included. You can’t skip these technicalities so you can get to the “meat” of your responsibilities because if you do, you could expose yourself to poor reviews. The form software you use should allow you to create forms that are specific to the client and that don’t leave anything out.

Venue Owners

Wedding customers may think that venue owners have it relatively easy, in that they simply provide the place for the wedding. In fact, venue owners must have forms and workflows that protect their business in ways many people never consider. For example, if the venue is located where there are strict conservation rules, they must be sure their customer forms explain this clearly. And if any temporary structures must be erected, workflows must include steps to ensure that applicable permits are obtained promptly. And finally, they must ensure their forms spell out premises liability stipulations (and ensure their premises liability insurance is sufficient and up to date).

A small business’s form and workflow software can make an enormous difference in how successful the business is during the busy summer wedding season. PerfectForms allows non-technical users to create customized forms and workflows that can cover every eventuality when it comes to wedding preparations. With an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface, you can create forms and workflows for photography, clothing alterations, wedding planning, and venue management that not only help you deliver services that delight customers, but that can also help you avoid misunderstandings.

Better still, you can test drive PerfectForms for free by signing up for a trial. Learn how the right form and workflow software can help you make the most of your busy season.


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