SMB Modernization: Leaving a Legacy

A few months ago I came across this post by Alex Woodie on IT Jungle.  Woodie discusses a Forrester Research survey entitled “The State of Enterprise Software,” which analyzes yearly software adoption trends.  The part of Woodie’s piece that resonated most with me was a quote from Pierre Garbani, VP and principal analyst at Forrester, stating: “Companies are willing to adapt their business processes to cheaper packaged software solutions rather than wait for custom applications. Automation is the key to IT’s future.”


How right you are, Mr. Garbani; workflow automation is critical to the advancement of IT within organizations everywhere.  However, customers shouldn’t have to choose between what’s cheap and what’s good.  One of the reasons PerfectForms exists is to provide our SMB users with the most efficient, easy-to-use, intuitive and up-to-date way to automate their daily workflow processes – everything from timesheet forms to vacation requests to CRM and lead generation – and as an added bonus, our solutions are really affordable.


The key to making any business thrive is flexibility; too often, SMBs find themselves trapped in a relationship with a pricey, cumbersome old legacy application that they’ve grown to depend on for daily operations.  We give our customers the choice of how to install our solutions – on-premise or on-demand – and provide every graphical and functional building block they need to create electronic forms, track user input and utilize this data to make their businesses run more efficiently. These web-based workflows allow SMB workers to focus on their jobs and passions without wasting hours trying to figure out how to use an outdated application that probably won’t even do what it’s supposed to do.


Another advantage of using cloud-based process automation applications like PerfectForms is that we’re easy to maintain and update. There’s no hardware to integrate, no week-long outages while the system gets upgraded. We’re a grab-and-go intuitive solution; we automatically roll out updates to our product in seconds. And SMBs don’t need to abandon the idea of customization with a SaaS solution.  On the contrary, the flexibility of being available in real-time on the Web makes PerfectForms simple to modify to fit any company’s standards.


Choosing between quality and price isn’t a choice, it’s a chore. SMBs trying to modernize should make sure the solutions they’re using can grow and develop with them.


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