Stop student major changes from being a major pain with online forms

There seem to be two constants with college students: They like to change their minds, and they leave it to the last minute to get things done. In the United States, most college students will change their majors at least once during their academic careers, and they love to wait until the end of the semester to file a change of major request. This generates a significant amount of paperwork, clogs administration offices with concerned students and puts a strain on academic counselors. Automation of the major change procedure with online forms eliminates many of the headaches administrators face.


Cost Reductions


Traditional major-change request forms need to be printed in large numbers and made available for students in the administration office. A small school needs hundreds of copies, while a large college or university has to provide thousands every year. At a time when institutions must save every available penny, it’s impractical to pay for printing. Additionally, colleges save on labor and administration costs when they evolve past the paper-based process because they do not need to have as many employees on hand to take care of accepting and processing the change of major paperwork.


Quicker Processing


In a college administration office, everything seems to move at a snail’s pace. Students expect to wait in the office just to ask a simple question and more complicated matters might take their entire days. Change-of-major requests are particularly time-consuming, especially at the end of the semester when the system is overloaded. Part of the problem is that these forms require approval by several different people, some in the administration office and at least one in the student’s new major field area, and students have to wait for professors or administrators to pick up the documents, sign them and return them to the office before approval. Online forms can be approved in bulk and sent instantly from one office to the next. Instead of waiting days or weeks for notification about their requests, students can know in a matter of hours or minutes.


Ease of Use


Online forms are simple and easy-to-use for students. The forms can be completed in a couple of minutes from the comfort of the student’s home or dorm. Dropdown menus ensure students always enter the right college or major codes on their forms, reducing stress on administrators. Colleges can modify forms to meet their own unique needs, so they can better evaluate the requests and aid students in their quests to graduate on time.


Online change-of-major forms are beneficial for both students and administrators, saving time, energy and money. With these forms, a major change doesn’t have to be a major pain.


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