Surveys and Landing Pages: How Online Forms Help Improve Your Website

Online forms

Make your website work for you with online forms that deliver key visitor data.

You don’t have to operate an e-commerce business to be concerned with your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). Even if every product you provide is purchased in bricks-and-mortar stores, and every service you provide is in person, your company website can be enormously influential to the state of your business.

Some business owners use widely available tools like Google Analytics to track the health and well-being of their site. This is an excellent start, but many companies need tools that are more closely tailored to their specific needs. Online forms can be the key to gathering the exact data you need to ensure your website is performing as well as it should be.

Not only can you create online forms to survey your site users, you can use them to gather data from landing pages in order to test competing landing pages against one another. Here’s how your online forms software can be a valuable tool in your SEO toolkit.

Online Forms for Surveys

While survey burnout is a real phenomenon, strategic use of online surveys can be a straightforward way to answer specific questions. In fact, one way businesses use surveys is to ask site users which landing page design they prefer. You can also ask users to describe in one word or sentence what product or service you provide, and whether the site has the information they want.

One valuable survey question is, “Which search term did you use to find this page?” From the answers, you can learn which keywords you should optimize your web pages for. An alternative question might be how the user learned about your company, whether through a web search, word of mouth, advertising, or some other way.

Online Forms and Landing Pages

Not only can you create online forms to function as landing pages, you can use the data gathered from these landing pages to more carefully tailor online content. The data you gather from landing pages can also help you design future landing pages with less trial and error. SEO experts recommend simple A/B testing for two slightly different versions of landing pages to learn which performs better, and online forms are outstanding for presenting alternative landing pages and gathering site user data. Landing page information gathered by your online forms software can be shared with your marketing and sales teams to inform how they gather and warm up new leads.

Collecting Valuable Data from Your Website

Online forms

Mobile-friendly online forms help you understand your website visitors better.

Online forms can be made to collect almost limitless types of data from your website users, and if you deploy surveys and landing pages strategically, you can gather the data you need without putting off-site users. One of the surest ways to drive site visitors away is to present them with a lengthy, in-depth form before letting them see certain content. While there’s nothing wrong with having users register with your site, the registration form should be short and sweet. You’ll have more opportunities to collect more in-depth information as your marketing and sales teams build relationships with new site users.

SEO Must Be a Continual Process

SEO isn’t a process you complete once for all time. With the right online form software, you can create online forms that are customized for your needs at the time. If you have a new premier product gaining traction, perhaps it’s time for your online customer surveys to be updated to reflect that fact. If a landing page isn’t performing as well as it used to, then it may be time to test out some new designs. Not only do search engine algorithms evolve, user habits change (witness the big change from desktop environments to mobile devices), and marketplaces change. Your online forms software can be the key to riding these waves rather than being bowled over by them.
PerfectForms is a workflow management software designed to allow you to create online forms to your exact specifications without having to know how to program. They’re compatible with web forms and easy to interface with other software you use in your business, including your CRM system. Using PerfectForms to monitor and tweak your SEO can be a terrific use of your resources, and can ensure that your website continues to perform as you expect it to. Have a look at some of our training videos and watch how easy it is to put PerfectForms to work tracking your website performance so you can always be at the top of your SEO game.


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