Ten Step Process to Creating a Workflow

“Is it really that easy to build a form on PerfectForms?” That’s a question that many customers ask when they first start. They are expecting the process of creating a workflow to be long and complicated. With PerfectForms business process software, it’s really a simple task. In fact, it’s been streamlined down to an easy ten-step process that is outlined in the PerfectForms Quickstart Guide, which is available online. Here is a summary of the steps:

  1. Getting Started – From the Getting Started page, you can go to the Main Dashboard, Create a New Form, or Edit a Sample Form.
  2. Creating a New Form – Start by naming your form and going into the Form Designer.
  3. Adding Objects to Your Form – Add fields, buttons and text to your form, by dragging and dropping.
  4. Adding Workflow – Define how your workflow process will work.
  5. Adding Notifications – Define who will be emailed at certain points in the workflow.
  6. Save and Close Your Form.
  7. Publishing Your Form – Set permissions and make your form available for use.
  8. Filling Out a Form and Submitting – Access a published form to enter data.
  9. Managing Form Instances – View forms that have been submitted.
  10. Creating a Report – One of the most important functions: Create reports from the data you collected in the forms.

As you can see, the process is very simple and the Quickstart Guide walks you through every step. To see a demo of how the process management software works, contact usPerfectForms, today.


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