Test Your Software before Going Live

PerfectForms enables you to use  online process management software to automate your workflow processes. By automating the tasks that you do, several or even hundreds of times each month, including purchase orders or personnel absence requests, you can save hours of time for your organization, as well as ensure that proper procedures are always followed.

You can streamline workflow that involves your customers, such as customer satisfaction surveys. You will want to know how it looks and works, before it goes out to the public, however. After all, this survey will be a representation of your business. You want it to be a good one.

It’s always a good idea to test software before it goes live, no matter who is going to see it. That is one of the reasons that PerfectForms allows you to create and test your applications before you put them online.

You can test your application with a small group, make adjustments, and test again, as many times as you want, before publishing your application. That way, you will know that it is perfect and will make a good impression on everyone.

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