The Breakthrough Document Control Managers Have Dreamt About for Decades

Document control has always been a priority in successful businesses, but it hasn’t always been easy to accomplish. Document control is about ensuring that all relevant parties receive the information they need on time, with maximum accuracy.

Document control managers

Controlling documents ensures consistency and quality.

In a law firm, document control may mean ensuring that everyone working on a particular case receives all relevant case documentation. In an engineering company, it may mean that client drawings are made available to a project team promptly. In a catering company, document control might mean ensuring the baker has the exact icing recipe for the cake the client ordered.

Document control is an indispensable part of quality control, because documents influence so many actions within a company. Therefore, controlling documents well can mean consistency and quality of services, while a haphazard approach to document control can mean chaos and unhappy clients.

How do you know what documents need to be controlled? Ask yourself: if two trained employees completed a task based on the available documentation, would they do it properly and consistently with each other? If so, it’s a document that should be controlled. If the document is a record of any activity, it should be controlled. Document control starts with high quality documents themselves that are clear, concise, and accessible.

The Inefficiency of Manual Document Control

Document control used to have to be done manually, with file folders, cover sheets, locked filing cabinets, and printers and copiers running constantly. Manual document control is certainly better than no document control, but it’s highly inefficient. If you run out of a type of form, more must be printed. If someone spills coffee on a document, another copy has to be made. If someone delivers a document to the wrong inbox, a process can screech to a halt. Not only is manual document control slow, it’s costly due to the need to pay for paper, ink, office equipment, and document storage.

The Risks Associated with Manual Document Control

But manual document control isn’t just an inefficient workflow design, there are real risks associated with it. Company-confidential documents could fall into the hands of competitors, documentation of processes that are heavily regulated may be difficult to locate in the event of an audit, and an illegible entry on a form could change the entire rest of the workflow. An increasing number of companies are turning to online forms software as their powerful, customized document control solution.

Document control

Paper documents can fall into the wrong hands more easily than secure electronic documents.

Integrate Electronic Documents into Workflow Design

Using online forms software, workflow design can take into account all authorized users of a process. It can also issue automatic alerts to parties whose input is required, and can collect information to be used in reports for internal use or to meet regulatory requirements. Using online forms software, your company can create electronic forms that automatically gather data from directory services or online forms. Such software can tie together legacy systems that never worked together before, making workflow design sleeker, less costly, and more effective.

You Don’t Have to Be an IT Wizard

Electronic document control used to require specialized form software packages or custom programming, and was expensive and not always exactly appropriate to a given company’s situation. Fortunately, workflow design can now be accomplished with online forms software, without pulling tech team members off their projects, and without having to write code. Online forms software can be used to automate and streamline any work process that involves collecting and acting upon data, from new employee forms to building maintenance requests, effectively implementing document control throughout an organization.

PerfectForms is the online form creator software that businesses of all sizes, across all industries, have used to create custom workflow designs and turn antiquated manual processes into sleek, accurate electronic processes. Throughout a workflow process you can collect data for later reporting, and issue automated alerts when someone’s input is required. Problems with illegible or misplaced paper forms become a thing of the past. Most companies that try PerfectForms for workflow design in one department rapidly discover how many ways it can be used throughout an organization.

WWith an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, PerfectForms’ workflow management software requires no programming knowledge, so the people who use forms and workflows the most can design their electronic counterparts to suit the workflow design perfectly. We invite you to try PerfectForms for free, so you can see for yourself how easy it can be to change clunky, manual document control into accurate, fast document control that costs less, is less error-prone, and that speeds up processes painlessly.


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