The Difference Between HTML Forms and PDF Forms

When you have an online form designed to capture information filled in by an employee or customer, it will either be an HTML form or a PDF form. While both of these forms will get the job done, there are a few differences between them to take note of.

  • HTML forms can be formatted to integrate with the appearance of your website, while PDF forms always look like PDFs.
  • HTML forms can be set up to perform calculations on data entered. They can also skip pages depending on answers provided, or request validation. PDFs are unable to do that.
  • HTML forms, when using an easy software generator like PerfectForms, are quick to set up and implement. With the PerfectForms interface, you don’t need any programming experience to get an HTML form online.
  • For online operations, HTML forms are scalable to the screen, where PDFs are not.
  • PDFs are familiar to most people, however, and some companies prefer to use them for this reason. Many companies also have standards for PDFs to be used, and prefer them because of their digital signatures.

With PerfectForms, both HTML and PDF forms are easy to set up and use quickly throughout the company. Whichever platform you prefer, PerfectForms will assist you in implementing your data collection form.



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