The One Workflow Management Tool Every Educational Institution Needs

Having the right tools can make all the difference in your ability to get something done with alacrity and efficiency. That’s one reason so many soldiers and civilians invest in a Swiss Army Knife: it can be remarkably useful in an enormous range of situations.

Workflow management tool

Invest in the right tools and you can accomplish more in less time.

Educational institutions rely on consistent processes to keep everything running smoothly, and most are open to using technology to make the processes themselves better and faster. Workflow management software tools make up a metaphorical Swiss Army Knife for schools or any other organization that counts on a variety of consistent processes day after day. Here are just a few of the processes educational institutions rely on that can be drastically improved with the help of workflow management tools

Employee Onboarding

Before you put a teacher in a classroom, you have to verify his or her credentials and qualifications and go through the many other tasks involved in onboarding a new employee. Workflow management tools can organize all these tasks, remove most or all of the paper from the process, and ensure no steps are missed. Your new employees and existing administration will genuinely appreciate how well workflow management tools improve onboarding.

Time Sheets

A school system, or even a single school may employ a range of people who have very different schedules. Teachers, for example, may work for nine months, yet be paid over 12 months. Some personnel may be part-time, and some may spend time at more than one school in a school system. Accounting for time can be tricky, and mistakes can hurt morale. Workflow management tools can be made to handle the many different work and pay schedules inherent in a school system, eliminating human error and getting data to Payroll much more quickly.

Mileage Reimbursement

Within a school system, a band director or art teacher may spend time at more than one school. Reimbursing these teachers for the mileage they accumulate going from school to school becomes much easier and faster if you employ workflow management tools. Accounting for mileage and calculating reimbursement rates are better for everyone when the need for copying down numbers from an odometer is eliminated. You can even use workflow management tools to make processes mobile-friendly.

Discipline Referrals

Workflow management tool

A fair, consistently defined discipline referral process benefits students, parents, and staff.

A consistent discipline referral system lets students, parents, teachers, and administrators know what to expect when a student’s behavior is out of line. By defining infractions carefully and creating an automated workflow that is triggered after a behavior violation, you help ensure that all students are treated fairly and all documentation is readily available should questions arise about an incident. Automatic notification of parents can even be built into the discipline referral process helping teachers and administrators resolve problems consistently and quickly.

Field Trip Approvals

School systems want to be confident that the money and time spent on field trips are used to their greatest benefit. Having a consistent workflow for field trip approvals can ensure all rules and regulations are followed, buses and drivers are assigned, and necessary forms and fees collected on time. Forms Workflow tools take what can be a byzantine process and make it consistent and understandable, while saving staff members time and saving the school system money.

Asset Management

Projectors, computers, and other pieces of equipment must be accounted for throughout a school system, from the time they’re ordered until they reach the end of their useful lives. Trying to keep up with everything using spreadsheets or worse, on paper, is fraught with complication and prone to mistakes. But workflow management tools can tame this complex workflow and help ensure you can locate any and all assets at any time. The net result is that fewer assets are misplaced or lost, and when one goes missing, it is noticed and acted upon quickly.


Educational institutions have to watch every dollar closely, and anything a school system can do to make processes faster, easier, and less prone to errors has the potential to generate significant savings. PerfectForms offers workflow management tools that can be customized to streamline and automate any of the processes educational institutions rely upon to function.

Using PerfectForms doesn’t require programming knowledge, because electronic survey forms and workflows are created intuitively with a graphical interface. With automated workflow management tools, you lighten the burden of your school personnel, save time and money, and use far less paper and ink. Best of all, you can try out PerfectForms for free. See for yourself how the right workflow tools can make your educational facility simply run better.


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