The surprising link between an energy company and a community college

You may not think there are any similarities in the day-to-day business of an energy company and a community college. However, Houston Community College and energy company Trilliant Incorporated have one surprising thing in common. Both organizations needed to increase efficiency and decided that the way to do it was by reducing their paper usage.


A Need for Change


For Houston Community College (HCC), making the transition from paper-based processes to an electronic approach was top priority. Most of the school’s applications were paper-based, and filing such a large volume of documents was becoming a time issue. Many of these forms were used for simple, common tasks like renting AV equipment and approving day-to-day requests.

In a different industry, Trilliant was having the same problem. Customer service has always been a top priority for the energy company, so it was looking for a way to handle customer requests more efficiently. In order to decrease response time and streamline workflow, Trilliant decided to change the way it worked.


The Results


Form software gave HCC the opportunity to make many of its forms electronic. This simplified the whole process of granting requests, as it cut down on the time it took to both submit a form and grant approval. The result was so impressive that the community college decided to convert its hiring process for part-time workers from paper-based to electronic forms. As a result, applicant information could be pulled from other digitized forms and imported into the employment application.

Using form software was equally successful for Trilliant. By replacing older infrastructure with a more modern, electronic framework, the firm accomplished several things. It was able to map business processes, and in doing so identified weaknesses in its practices and found ways to address these shortcomings. Ultimately, both time and resources were saved. Trilliant was also better equipped to respond to customer requests and provide a high level of service to its clients.




HCC was able to increase the efficiency of its business operations, create forms with ease, and integrate all of its documents thanks to the simple transition. Similarly, Trilliant was able to improve its day-to-day performance and simplify its business processes. PerfectForms helped save money and time for both organizations.

Digitizing certain aspects of business can make major improvements in the daily operations of a company. PerfectForms provides business solutions for enterprises in a variety of industries.


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