Triple HR efficiency with these 3 process automations

Increased compliance requirements for employees, high turnover rates in many industries and the need for rapid integration of new employees make automation one of the most effective means of increasing the efficiency of a company’s hiring and training process. Three key areas for any industry are employee onboarding, employee feedback and employment contract forms.


Employee Onboarding


Every human resources director understands the complications of working with new, well, human resources. There are endless paper packets to prepare and send, and tedious hours to be spent filling out the same information on multiple forms. Human resources personnel waste precious time entering the same data over and over, with frequent room for mistakes. Added to that, multiple government programs require the same data be re-entered, and staff must follow up with each new hire to make sure every “I” is dotted and every “T” is crossed.


Virtual employee onboarding solutions make the days of paper packets and data entry a thing of the past. From start to finish, PerfectForms automates the entire process, increasing productivity, saving money and improving accuracy. Integrated forms mean new employees fill out each piece of information one time, then the program does the rest. One set of hands means fewer mistakes and frees up HR personnel to do other things. The automated system even sends out reminders and notifications to employees, helping make sure all their information is submitted on time. In-system tools are a one-stop shop for companies to keep track of employee progress and integrate information across their databases and even government programs like E-Verify. Eliminating the paperwork headache frees HR personnel to focus on what the Society for Human Resource Management identifies as a critical onboarding component, the company culture.


Employee Feedback


Keeping employees long-term is always preferable to the expense that high turnover creates. Every year, nearly one-quarter of the labor force undergoes a career transition, according to SHRM. If a company wants to keep its top workers and develop new talent, it needs to keep its people happy. The trouble with feedback forms of the past was three-fold: paper limits the amount of information that can be collected, employees don’t always remember to turn in surveys and they worry about being honest. The information then needs to go from a written form to some kind of useable data to do any good. There is a better way to collect actionable insight from the workforce.


PerfectForms workflow software solutions help design web-based, user friendly forms that allow a company to organize questions in easy-to-digest segments. They can be set up so the results remain anonymous but show if a form was submitted by each employee. Best of all, there is no need for additional money to spend, nor is there the risk of possible errors with data entry. The output from the forms can be integrated directly with the company’s SQL or other database.


Employee Contract Forms


Last but not least, employee contract forms can take up huge amounts of time and paper. Each position is unique, each package is unique and each employee is unique. Plug-and-play forms provide the template for the basic contract information most companies need and leave the flexibility to customize the information accordingly.


Business is all about effectiveness and efficiency. Automating these three HR processes saves time and money while giving employees and employers a better work experience. PerfectForms has ideal workflow software solutions that cover every aspect of HR and workflow needs.


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