Types of Forms to Embed in Your Website

In order to turn visitors to your website into customers, you need interactivity.  This could mean getting them to click buy, to sign up for a newsletter, or to request a quote.  Whatever it is you want them to do, your initial thought should be putting calls to action on your website that move them close to making a purchase.  This is where embedded forms come in.


Quotes, Queries, Contacts, and More

You can use a form builder to create interactive and embeddable applications for your website.  Many service-based business like to include a free quote request, which allows visitors to enter their contact information, and the service for which they are looking, so the company can give them a quote.  Other companies simply ask for contact details, whether for subscriptions, drawings, or for their email marketing campaigns.  Almost every company could benefit from a query form, which allows visitors to ask questions, request technical assistance, or to leave feedback for the company.  Of course, it’s also a good idea to survey your customers, now and then, to find out how else you can improve your business.  If you want your customers to interact with your site, there is likely a form you can create in order to make that happen.


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