Ultimate Back-to-School Checklist for School Admins

With summer coming to a close, it’s time for school administrators to start preparing for their students to return. The process always seems to begin early enough, but never finishes until the day before school starts. Check out this back-to-school preparation checklist for school administrators to ensure that their students and building are ready for another nine months of learning.

The Buildings:

  1. Do a walkthrough to determine what needs painting, repairing or replacing.
  2. Identify machinery, vehicles or other important items that need to be inspected for safety.
  3. Fill out the proper forms. (Don’t have computerized versions? Update with PerfectForms)
  4. Instruct and monitor janitorial staff in what needs to be cleaned outside their regular back to school duties.
  5. Establish the timeline with maintenance staff.
  6. Hire outside workers as needed for maintenance staff.
  7. Run a pre-final walk through.
  8. Follow up with additional task for staff.
  9. Run final walkthrough.

The Office

  1. Hire any staff members (Hey, schools can create custom HR forms and workflows for this too)
  2. Organize replacement and substitute teachers.
  3. Distribute supplies, including textbooks, writing utensils and dry erase markers.
  4. Check budgets.
  5. Print sufficient citations, behavior levels, discipline code sheets to ensure everyone has access to them from the beginning.
  6. Print out dress code for students, teachers, parents and staff.
  7. Prepare and/or publish schedules for recess duty, after school duty, before school duty, detention, library hours, computer availability, as well as any school specific rotations.
  8. Solicit staff member volunteers for clubs and committees.
  9. Prepare agenda for back-to-school staff meeting.
  10. Consider planning a welcome back activity for staff.
  11. Put opening message on the school voicemail.
  12. Obtain security code and passwords for new employees.
  13. Drop former employees from infrastructure systems.
  14. Revise school map with new classrooms, grade level, and name changes.
  15. Develop Proposed Schedule for Disaster Drills, Back-to-school and Open House dates.
  16. Record events on the Master Calendar and those of all administrative professionals. Some of the dates school administration might need to add to the calendar, including the following events:
  • Testing
  • Staff Meetings (certificated & classified)
  • Evaluation Timelines
  • Picture Day
  • Staff Development days
  • PTA
  • Staff Appreciation days/weeks
  • Award Assemblies
  • Camps
  • Field Trips
  • Back-to-school Night
  • Leadership Team
  • Open House
  • Team Day
  • Read Across America
  • Radio checks
  • Assistant Principal Meetings
  • Principal Meetings
  • Leadership Team Meetings
  • 1st & 2nd Year Principals’ Meetings
  • Parent-teacher conferences
  • Fire & Disaster Drills
  • Program Facilitators’ Meetings.
  • Christmas Break
  • Easter Break
  • Last Day of School
  • Holidays

17. Get PerfectForms to automate your online school forms and workflow processes.

PerfectForms can help the preparations for the beginning of the school year get off on the right foot. Schools can use PerfectForms to develop custom student registration forms, inform the maintenance person in detail the jobs he or she must perform, and create lists like this one. PerfectForms is the perfect way to organize your to-do list.  How would you use PerfectForms in your back-to-school activities?


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