Upgrade Your PDFs to Online Web Forms

Is your company still using fillable PDF forms online to collect data from customers? If so, you can easily upgrade to web forms that have a professional appearance and have higher functionality, by using PerfectForms process management software.

Using web forms on the web gives you a lot more options than using a PDF form to capture data. With a web form, you can have your webpage perform calculations in certain fields if necessary, or validate field entries which will cut down on errors by only allowing users to put in the right data. And web forms also allow you to put in a page skip. So if there’s a section that your user doesn’t need, they can skip over easily.

With PerfectForms software, you can easily build your web forms with high functionality in a fraction of the time it takes to make a fillable PDF. Our web forms and surveys allow you to capture data from employees or customers quickly, and compile it easily into a report that can be sent to managers for analysis. Just like the rest of our software, the PerfectForms web forms require no coding experience. Simply open the template, click and drag, until your form operates the way you want it to.


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