Using Automated Workflows to Filter Problems

If you’ve ever been the owner of a business, the lead of a department, or simply the most experienced member of a team, you probably know how much of your time is spent on answering questions and solving other people’s problems.  By using automating some of these situations with workflow process software, you can save yourself time and your company money.


Instead of allowing everyone to come to you when they have a question, you can use workflow tools that will guide them towards their answer.  For example, a form could have categories they would select depending under which their questions fell, it could have a list of commonly asked questions they could select from, and it could ask them questions about their question and then direct them to the corresponding information.  With a form like this, most questions could likely be resolved without ever needing to come across your desk.


Businesses are complicated, especially when there are many people involved.  Disputes can arise, errors can be made, and unanticipated situations can really stir up your process.  Instead of everyone asking you to solve their problem though, workflow solutions can help them analyze the issue and guide them towards a solution.  Hopefully, this will at least reduce the number of problems that need your attention.


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