Using Forms as Evaluation Tools

For companies that take the time to evaluate their progress, analysis is an important step.  It allows everyone to see what they have done and how well it worked.  Based on this information, decisions can be made regarding any changes that need to happen and future goals.

Company Evaluation

If you’re already using forms for much of your company’s processes, you can use workflow tools to have some of that information automatically sent to an evaluation form.  Then, you can create new goals and set up notifications when goals have been met or when the business is underperforming at certain intervals.  Then all you have to do is print out reports or publish reports into your presentations so you can show everyone the company’s progress at your quarterly or annual meetings.

Employee Evaluation

You’ll also need to evaluate your employees.  Before you evaluate each of them, consider using form creator software to create a self-evaluation form they can fill out themselves.  This can give you valuable insight into how they feel they are doing and why.  Then, you can send them your evaluation before you meet to discuss your thoughts in person.  This allows you both time to look over the information and come up with ideas for improvement before the meeting.


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